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City of Bunbury to partner with Beam in launching the first e-scooter trial in Western Australia

Media Release 

City of Bunbury to partner with Beam in launching the first e-scooter trial in Western Australia

20 November 2019

Beam and the City of Bunbury have come to an agreement to bring the first e-scooter trial to Western Australia. Abiding by all existing regulations, Beam e-scooters will be available for hire in Bunbury in the coming weeks. The trial will bring a new mode of transportation to city residents, support tourism, and offer an environmentally friendly option for short trips. 

During the trial Beam will be responsible for operating e-scooters in the Bunbury area. This includes providing a mobile application, servicing and maintaining the vehicles and providing appropriate insurance for every ride. 

In addition, Beam will run information sessions and “Beam training” to introduce the new service to the people of Bunbury and ensure there is a smooth transition on to e-scooters.

“Beam is excited to bring our e-scooters to Bunbury. The coastal city presents a great opportunity to showcase a new form of transportation to Western Australia and support local businesses. We look forward to rolling out our fleet in a controlled manner in line with existing state regulations” said Christopher Hilton Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Beam. 

“The City of Bunbury is continually looking at innovative ways to improve our offerings to the community and provide visitors with even more reason to explore Bunbury. As a City we are excited to be partnering with Beam on the first trial in Western Australia and welcome the opportunities and benefits this will generate for Bunbury” said Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan.

Beam has demonstrated its ability to operate e-scooter trials in Australia in a safe and controlled manner. This means that Beam operations will maximize for a long term transport future - not just focus on the most trips on day one. A Beam trip also comes with class-leading insurance for every trip. Beam is the only operator to offer rider insurance. 

Beam’s investment in Bunbury is more than just e-scooters. This trial will bring full-time jobs in operations and logistics staff. These new jobs are in addition to the contribution the company is making to the economy by leasing warehousing space, purchasing services and by offering flexible economic opportunities to ‘Beam Chargers’.  


About Beam

Beam was founded in July 2018 with the vision of making cities flow better for everyone.  By providing a range of innovative micromobility solutions we believe we can help people get around their cities more easily, encourage greater use of public transit networks, and in so doing, reduce car ridership and the congestion it currently causes. Today we offer e-scooter sharing, but, in the near future, we will also be developing other form factors such as e-bike sharing and e-moped sharing, as well as car-sharing options.

About The City of Bunbury

Bunbury, located 180kms south of Perth, is a vibrant seaside port city undergoing an energetic renaissance. Surrounded by beautiful waterways, Bunbury is a hub for business, industry, culture and events and has an ever-growing collection of independent boutiques, small bars, and cafes. It is one of the fastest-growing regional cities in Australia. 


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