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Why we need to inject Instagram with a healthy dose of Experts - The Academy


Leading talent agency The Lifestyle Suite unveils The Academy -

to tackle the “Influencer Economy” and drive health literacy in Australia


As news of Instagram’s changing approach to the promotion of health products breaks, Australia’s leading health and lifestyle talent and content agency, The Lifestyle Suite, is going one step further to tackle this issue and the “influencer” market head-on, by launching The Academy.

The Academy — a brand new personalised program by The Lifestyle Suite, has been designed to raise the profiles of qualified experts and ensure the real experts of today become the influencers of tomorrow.

Essentially a modern-day “finishing school” for experts across the disciplines of health, science, lifestyle and sport, The Academy provides leaders in these fields with the tools, techniques and training as well as direct access to media executives, producers and publishers, to ensure that expert knowledge is more widely seen and heard within the public and social spheres.  


Founder and Director of The Lifestyle Suite, Simone Landes says: “We have a responsibility to make sure the health information we get from social platforms is underpinned by expertise. Influencers are great communicators, and we are all too ready to absorb health advice from these platforms without really questioning whether this has come from a credible and qualified expert. For us the solution is simple - to ensure that experts become outstanding communicators and create a better balance of the information out there.”

With an aim to drive improved health literacy in Australia and encourage consumers to be ‘influenced’ by trustworthy experts, the launch of The Academy is a natural next step for the boutique talent agency that already represents some of this country’s best-known health and lifestyle experts, including: Dietitian & Nutritional Scientist, Dr Joanna McMillan; Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr Nikki Stamp; Psychologist, Author and Speaker Dr Tim Sharp; GP, Dr Ginni Mansberg; Paralympian Ellie Cole; and Interior Designers and Renovator duo Michael and Carlene Duffy

“We’re at a content crossroads. Access to information has never been greater, but with that comes the danger of misinformation. We need to ensure the messaging we hear comes from credible sources - the real experts. The Academy is a way of sharing our knowledge and contacts, to ensure Australia remains on top when it comes to health and lifestyle information. Credible experts at the top of their field, need to know how to get serious cut-through, and The Academy is a viable solution for them to achieve this.” Simone Landes. 

Applications for The Academy are now open:

For further information and to arrange interviews, please contact Sara Golec: