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Survey Finds 15% of Australian Household Using Bottled Water as Their Main Source of Drinking Water


Monday,9 September 2019



Survey Finds 15% of Australian Household Using Bottled Water as

Their Main Source of Drinking Water



A recent survey commissioned by BRITA Australia has discovered that approximately 15% of Australians  primarily use bottled water as their main source of drinking water at home.


More than 1,000 Australian adults from across Australia were surveyed, with 15% saying that more than 80% of their at home drinking water was purchased bottle water1. When the same respondents were asked why they chose to buy water bottles, the majority  said they trusted the quality and preferred the taste of bottled water.






The main (80% or more)  water source that Australian household are drinking?

·         Tap water                   56.6%

·         Filtered water            23.1%

·         Still bottled water      15.4%

·         Sparkling water        2.8%

·         Other                          2.1%


BRITA Australia is now urging Australian to get back to the tap, where they can filter their own water and get great tasting water, at a fraction of the cost, to both their household expenditure and the environment.


“As Australians continue to improve on everyday wellness and watch what they eat, more and more attention is also being paid to drinking water. Good drinking water can come from any tap, and we encourage people to look for more sustainable options and not reach for bottled water,” said BRITA Marketing Manager, Karen Martin.


“BRITA consumers enjoy their filtered water from the tap,  knowing they are benefiting from BRITA’s innovation and expertise in water filtration, without contributing to the mounting use of plastic bottles,“ she added.


In Australia and around the world there is a rising demand for environmentally friendly products and a focus on plastic reduction, particularly the high wastage associated with single use plastic water bottles.


This September Brita is launching a new TV commercial and instore campaign to urge consumers to give single use water bottles the flick  and get back to the tap and where they can filter their own drinking water.


BRITA is also releasing their latest water filter innovation, the BRITA ON TAP FILTER SYSTEM - A new filtration system that fits easily on most kitchen taps and features a highly efficient hollow fibre filtration membrane to effectively reduce impurities such:

·         Chlorine*

·         Pesticides*

·         Herbicides*

·         Hormones *

·         Pharmaceutical residues*

·         metals such as lead*

·         impurities such as 99.9% of bacteria and particles > 1 µm (such as micro plastics) *


Environmental responsibility is central to BRITA's values, and BRITA Australia is shortly introducing a filter recycling scheme, where BRITA consumers can return their MAXTRA+ filters cartridges to be recycled.


Water is perhaps the most important nutrient that we consume daily and with over 50 years in the water filtration industry, BRITA is recognized as a global industry leader. With a range of products to optimize the quality of at home drinking water, Brita can conveniently transform household  tap water to cleaner drinking water, at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.




For further information please contact: Dounnia Lahoud PH: 0413-218-356 or



Notes To Editor:


1.     BRITA Australia Market Research by Blue Planet Research-Pebbles Omnibus November, 2018.


*If present in water


On the BRITA Group:

With total sales of 474 million euros in business year 2018 and 1,827 employees worldwide (of which 924 are in Germany) the BRITA Group is one of the leading companies in drinking water optimization. Its long-established brand BRITA has a leading position in the global water filter market. The family-owned company based in Taunusstein near Wiesbaden is represented by 28 national and international subsidiaries and branches as well as shareholdings, distribution and industrial partners in 66 countries on all five continents. It has production sites in Germany, the UK, Italy and China. Founded in 1966, today the inventor of the household water filter jug develops, produces and distributes a wide range of innovative drinking water optimization solutions for private (water filter jugs, on-tap and mains connected systems as well as BRITA Integrated Solutions for small and large electric appliances by renowned manufacturers) and commercial use (hospitality sector and vending) plus water dispensers connected to the mains for offices, schools, restaurants and the hygiene-sensitive care sector (hospitals, care homes). Since 2016 BRITA has been working with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) to protect the world’s oceans from plastic waste, and as such to protect whales and dolphins. Further information: