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HammaJack Inspired By Companies Using Data To Create Innovative, Everyday Solutions

HammaJack are a Melbourne based Data and Content Agency which place data at the forefront of everything they do. By utilising data-driven insights, HammaJack provide comprehensive website and digital marketing assistance to clients, and recognise the capabilities of data in enhancing user experiences and providing everyday solutions for consumers.

A great example of another way to use data however, is Tricycle Developments. They have used data in a unique and innovative way through product design, to enhance a user’s auditory experience. Their work has highlighted that data is now being used for more than just online services, and are shifting the ways in which we look at using data for enhancing user experiences.

Tricycle Developments are a product design company who have paired up with audio engineers Nura to develop Australia’s highest-funded Kickstarter - the nuraphone. This product utilises data to enhance user experience, by using otoacoustic technology to study and analyse an individual’s hearing in just 60 seconds. The headphones then adapt to the user’s natural hearing using this information, to provide the best auditory experience for the user.

Every individual hears sound differently and has a unique hearing profile, with variances between low and high notes, and between the left and right ear. A person’s hearing profile contains the information surrounding your relative hearing sensitivity to different tones, and no headphone could perfectly match every person’s hearing profile - until now.

The nuraphone works by playing different tones in the ear, then measuring the faint sound an ear generates in response called Otoacoustic Emission (OAE). A highly sensitive microphone in the nuraphone picks up the OAE and the self-learning engine creates the user’s hearing profile, allowing the headphones to sonically shape their music to be perfectly catered to that individual. 

Nura’s use of OAE data is a prime example of how data solutions can be used not only for online services such as digital marketing or IT but also for product engineering and enhancing user experience. Nura further encompass data into this innovative product by pairing the hearing profile data with their smart mobile app, which connects to the headphones and allows users to fully customise their listening experience.

Data and Content Agency, HammaJack's CEO Ian Hammond highlights how data is finding its way into everyday solutions in order to make life easier for consumers.

“Tricycle Developments are an award-winning product design studio specialising in bringing innovative technology to life, and have used data in such a unique way to provide solutions for customers. Their expertise in industrial design and product engineering has shone through with this project with Nura, and this is reflected in the various awards they have received for their work.”

“Their work with Nura has been critically acclaimed, winning Tricycle Developments the ‘Red Dot Design Award’, and Nuraphones the 2018 CES ‘Best of Innovation Award’. The awards have been a testament to the innovative use of data combined with strategic design and engineering.”

Tricycle Development’s work with Nura has inspired companies including HammaJack to continue to use make data-driven decisions and maintain a “data-first” approach, as data continues to prove its merit in providing solutions for consumers - whether it be online or in physical products that enhance user experience. To understand the potential for businesses to improve user experiences through data for customers, contact HammaJack today.

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