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$1400 on offer to uni students with short-form news writing skills


Journalism and communications students are being encouraged to practice their skills and build an online presence by reporting local community news in the social media app, Snewpit.

One year since their launch, the start-up company is offering prize money totalling $1400 to students who can generate the most engagement in app - defined as comments and upvotes.

Entrants are required to post a news story or “Snewp” in the app, reporting on something that directly impacts a local community, such as a sporting match, traffic incident or community event.

The competition - which runs from 12 August to 1 September - provides students with an opportunity to practice their short-form writing technique, a vital skill in the digital world where social media plays such a significant role.

Snewpit founder, Charlie Khoury hopes that students will benefit from using the app and have a continued interest and role to play in its future.

“What better place is there for students to start practising what they’re learning at uni than an actual news app?” he said. “We’re hoping that they will see this is an opportunity to build a presence online and show their initiative in developing their skillset.”

While journalism and communications students are an obvious target market for a news app, the competition is open to all students enrolled in a Greater Sydney university.

“We’re not limiting it because the app itself isn’t limited,” explained Mr Khoury. “Our goal was to create a platform where anyone can find and report the news that is most important and relevant to them.”

“We want to foster communities where everyday people keep one another informed of what’s happening around them, so everyone is welcome to participate.”

Unlike other social media platforms with traditional limitations of groups and friend requests, Snewpit is an open location-based network, allowing users to share and view news anywhere in the world.

The platform initially launched in August 2018 and received more than 20,000 downloads in the first four months, before undergoing a major update in April 2019.

For full competition details, including terms and conditions, click here.

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