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MGA supports proposals for reform of the Small Business Dismissal Code

Media Release: 6 August 2019

MGA supports proposals for reform of the Small Business Dismissal Code

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) today released proposed changes to the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code (the Code).

Jos de Bruin, CEO of MGA Independent Retailers, welcomed the initiative of ASBEFO, Kate Carnell, in proposing the need for a revised Code for the thousands of small businesses that find themselves caught up in the current complex and expensive, time- consuming unfair dismissal system that affects thousands of small, family businesses.

Mr. de Bruin said, “There has been a need for remedial attention to the Code for some time. Employing new staff is not a difficult process in itself but if the employment relationship breaks down it can become a complex nightmare for a small business. Today, the changes to the Code proposed by Ms Carnell would provide clarity and fairness to the dismissal process for both the employer and employee.” Bruin continued, “One of the key aspects of the changes proposed by Ms Carnell is the need for the small business employer to know how to follow a fair process, should it be necessary to terminate an employee’s employment. Understanding how to terminate employment requires clear guidelines on what is required to carry out a legal dismissal. Simple, short and uncomplicated checklists would be useful assets in understanding that process. Having the knowledge and understanding of what constitutes a fair procedure and being able to avoid the expense of engaging legal representation is extremely important for small businesses.”

Mr. de Bruin concluded by saying that, “MGA fully supports the ASBEFO initiative and looks forward to seeing the proposed changes become part of a new Code for small businesses which will hopefully remove some of the uncertainty and expense associated with the current system.”

Jos de Bruin
Chief Executive Officer | MGA Independent Retailers

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