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CFMMEU to destroy local Sydney and Port Kembla based NSW business

CFMMEU to destroy local Sydney and Port Kembla based, NSW business

Colin Dorber from Employer Protect™ the appointed employer bargaining representative for GBAR Australia Pty Ltd, an asbestos and hazardous materials removal and remediation business operating in Sydney (Western Sydney Airport-Badgerys’s Creek’s Road) and Port Kembla – Endeavour Energy (NSW), advises that the company is now the subject of an indefinite strike in support of demands which if achieved, could see the business destroyed commercially. The strike will commence at 6am Monday 29 July 2019.

Mr. Dorber went on to say, “The business has offered its 19 employees (including 5 based in Sydney) rates of pay well in excess of the Award, a net-of-tax sign-up bonus and other benefits.

“The word is that the Union is now bringing their industrial heavyweights down to Western Sydney Airport and Port Kembla to blockade the Bluescope Steel works and possibly to other sites where GBAR is working, to achieve its goals. “The employer understands that many of the union’s demands have not been specifically sought by the members and that many of the members do not understand the demands being made.” Mr. Dorber said.

Mr. Dorber acknowledged that whilst the strike is lawful under the provisions of the Fair Work Act, the view is, that the action seems to be premature and the unions advice to its members not to meet with the employer is an abandonment of good faith bargaining.”

Mr. Dorber said “The company will continue to try and achieve a reasonable outcome but is not going to be bullied or intimidated by the strong-arm tactics of the Union. The company has reserved its rights as to how it will respond and as required by law, will cease to pay all employees who join the strike.”

For further information contact Colin Dorber / Employer Protect™ on 0410 447 000.

For interview, Mr. Dorber will be available in Sydney (traveling to Bowral from Sydney Airport between 8am-10.30am Monday 29/7/19 and be in Bowral for the following three days. [On plane from 6am-7.40am]


Contact 0410 447 000 or


Issued 28/07/19 on behalf of Gbar Australia Pty Ltd by its authorised Employer Bargaining Represenstative (C/- Employer Protect™ Derelle Street Woolloongabba Qld 4102) 28/07/19