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Don't be a dumper with your old jumper: Action Plan to tackle charity dumping

Don’t be a dumper with your old jumper: Action Plan to tackle charity dumping


An Action Plan to tackle illegal dumping at charity bins and shopfronts is being released today, taking a significant step to support NSW charitable recyclers.


NSW Environment Protection Authority Executive Director Waste Operations and Programs Carmen Dwyer said the Action Plan outlines how the EPA will work with charities, local government and other stakeholders in a coordinated effort to stop dumping at donation points.


“We know that most people try to do the right thing when it comes to donating but we could all use a reminder about how to donate responsibly,” Ms Dwyer said.


“NSW charitable recyclers help people reuse household goods and textiles, help people in need and reduce the amount of household waste that goes to landfill.


“For a donation to count, it needs to be a good quality item that is not stained, damaged or broken. A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t give it to a mate, don’t donate.”


NSW charities are often left with costly clean-up bills when donated items are either unsuitable for sale or are left outside donation bins or shopfronts, where they can be destroyed by bad weather or vandals.


The NSW Government is taking a stand on illegal dumping at charity bins and shopfronts with the publication of the new Reducing Illegal Dumping on Charitable Recyclers Action Plan.


The Plan outlines strategies to reduce illegal dumping by driving positive change in public behaviour and awareness around acceptable donating. The Action Plan sets out steps for informing the community about how to donate unwanted goods, researching the behaviours and motivations of dumping at charity sites and trialling new interventions to prevent this type of dumping.


The Plan is Available on the NSW EPA website at


The EPA has released a short video to promote responsible donation to charities, it can be viewed at