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Bilingual media release - Why Sydney's smart future lies in Asia

The City of Sydney is hosting a Summit to build international connections and attract top talent for the Asian century.

Sydney is perfectly positioned to tap into top 10 global city ranking, but Australian demographer Simon Kuestenmacher warns Sydney can’t afford to lag behind in liveability if it wants to be part of the new Asian economic boom.

Director and co-founder of The Demographics Group with managing director Bernard Salt, Mr Kuestenmacher will deliver the keynote address at the City of Sydney’s Future Asia Business Summit at Sydney Town Hall on Tuesday 23 July.

The theme for this year’s free event is ‘Sydney thriving in a smart Asian century’.

“In the knowledge-driven global economy, businesses will increasingly choose to establish offices in locations that are considered safe, liveable and well-connected,” Mr Kuestenmacher said.

“Sydney is a prime location for tourists and business professionals alike. It’s the most important English-speaking city in Asia and Oceania – a crucial asset in a world where English is the business language of choice.

“To maintain and build on its Globalization and World Cities Network alpha+ ranking as one of the 10 most important cities in the world, Sydney must strive to become even more liveable.

“Sydney will need to face a decade or two of elevated infrastructure spending. The City of Sydney’s Central Sydney Planning Strategy is bold and could well be the key to unlocking Sydney’s true potential.

“We live in an age of interconnected global cities. Digital infrastructure in Sydney must not lag behind its global competitors. Fast internet, a truly interconnected and smooth transport network and affordable housing will be key to attracting top global talent.

“When hiring you want to hire for intellectual and cultural diversity. Ensuring cross-cultural communication within a firm should now be part of daily office life.”

The Globalization and World Cities Network categorises world cities into alpha, beta and gamma tiers, with Sydney ranked ‘alpha+’ alongside cities such as Dubai, Tokyo and Singapore.

The City’s annual Future Asia Business Summit brings together local and international businesses, government representatives and industry leaders to strengthen business ties and explore opportunities to enhance Sydney’s position in the booming Asian economy.

As Sydney looks to 2050 and develops its next long-term strategic plan to maintain its reputation as a smart global city, Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the City can help local businesses connect and be competitive.

“In our current long-term strategic plan, Sustainable Sydney 2030, we outlined our vision for a green, global and connected city,” the Lord Mayor said.

“And since 2008, we have been working on a smart and sustainable transformation, engaging with Asia and other cities around the world and connecting our businesses to these opportunities. Our population is wonderfully diverse, with 22 per cent of our residents born in Asia, and 45 per cent of our workforce born overseas. 

“We are currently working with the community on our new plan to take us through to 2050, which will ensure we maintain our high standards as a liveable city, while continuing to grow our economy.

“We are living in the Asian century, and according to the World Economic Forum, Asia will be home to half of the world’s middle class by 2020, and Asian economies will be larger than the rest of the world combined.

“A growing number of Australian jobs depend on the demand from Asia, so it’s imperative that Sydney works together with neighbouring cities to create smart, sustainable, and global economies with a high quality of life.

“Our free Future Asia Business Summit provides local businesses with an opportunity to connect into global supply chains, and trade and investment streams that are transforming major cities, so they can thrive in the smart Asian century.”

With former SBS broadcaster Lee Lin Chin acting as MC and moderator, the event will include panel sessions to discuss:

  • How local businesses can leverage from the smart Asian century to ensure Sydney continues as a thriving and globally competitive city
  • How our SMEs can capitalise on these opportunities to grow and expand their businesses
  • What the City of Sydney is doing to strengthen connections with Asia.
Summit panellists include:

  • Raymond Fan, director of the Sydney Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office
  • Kylie Bell, executive director, Industry, Trade and Investment at the NSW Department of Industry
  • Princess Ventura, director at consultancy firm Urbis
  • Mukund Narayanamurti, CEO of Asialink Business
  • Tom Grove, general manager of transport company, Smove Sydney
  • Daniel Fah, managing director of international business advisors, CEO Strategic
  • Pip Harley, City of Sydney Sustainability Engagement Manager
The Future Asia Business Summit is free and includes a networking lunch from 12pm to 1pm. Registration is essential: http://bit.ly/FABST1

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      悉尼虽然拥有国际都市十强地位,但人口统计学者西蒙·库斯特马克(Simon Kuestenmacher)还是告诫悉尼各界为了跟上亚洲经济繁荣发展的步伐,宜居重任仍旧刻不容松。

      7月23日星期二,人口统计顾问集团(The Demographics Group)联合创始人兼总监西蒙·库斯特马克先生将和集团总经理伯纳德·斯特(Bernard Salt)一同出席在悉尼市政厅举办的悉尼市政府未来亚洲商业峰会(Future Asia Business Summit),并进行主题演讲。

      这场免费专家峰会的主题为《悉尼在智能亚洲世纪中壮大繁荣(Sydney thriving in a smart Asian century)》


      “要进一步巩固悉尼在《全球化及世界城市研究网络世界级城市名册(Globalization and World Cities Network)》中作为国际十大重要都市的alpha+高级评分,就必须努力进化成为更加宜居的城市。”

      “在未来的十至二十年内,悉尼必须在基础设施建设方面进一步投资升级。市政府的《悉尼市中心规划战略(Central Sydney Planning Strategy)》颇具突破性,很可能是解锁本市真正潜能的关键。”



      全球化及世界城市研究网络确认了世界级城市的3个级别,分别是:alpha、 beta 和gamma 级,悉尼则与迪拜、东京和新加坡等城市并居alpha+高级评分行列。


      为了维持悉尼智能国际之都(smart global city)的盛誉,市政府着眼2050年制定了长远的战略目标,悉尼市市长Clover Moore认为市政府有能力为本土企业搭建国际平台,强化自身竞争力。

      她说:“悉尼市政府现行的《可持续发展的悉尼2030(Sustainable Sydney 2030)》战略计划中概述了我们想把这里打造成为绿色环保、国际化、通达便利都市的愿景。”



      “如今我们已经步入亚洲世纪,据世界经济论坛(World Economic Forum)预测,到2020年,全球中产阶级人口的一半将来自亚洲,且亚洲经济体也将超过世界其他地区的总和。”


      前澳大利亚特别广播服务机构SBS电视台新闻主播陈丽玲(Lee Lin Chin)将担任本次峰会的主持,专题研讨的主题将围绕:

  • 本土企业将如何充分利用智能亚洲世纪以确保悉尼的蓬勃发展及其全球竞争力。
  • 本市中小企业将如何抓住契机拓展业务。
  • 悉尼市政府为巩固与亚洲的纽带发挥了什么样的作用。

  • 香港驻悉尼经济贸易办事处处长范伟明(Raymond Fan)
  • 新南威尔士州产业部(NSW Department of Industry)工业、贸易、投资部门负责人凯莉·贝尔(Kylie Bell)
  • 澳大利亚顾问公司Urbis总监布林斯·文图拉(Princess Ventura)
  • 澳大利亚智库机构Asialink商务中心(Asialink Business)首席执行官莫坎德·纳拉亚纳姆缇(Mukund Narayanamurti)
  • 交通共享公司Smove Sydney总经理汤姆·格罗夫(Tom Grove)
  • 国际商业顾问公司CEO Strategic总裁丹尼尔·法(Daniel Fah)
  • 悉尼市政府可持续发展事物专项负责人皮普·哈利(Pip Harley)

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