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Letter to the editor: Take a stand for your kids - love the game, not the odds

Letter to the editor
Take a stand for your kids – love the game, not the odds
I love my footy. For me, a Richmond match – or a Brunswick Dragons or Northcote Cougars game – is  a joy to watch and an emotional experience. And whether you’re a player, a parent, a coach or a fan, I reckon many Victorians feel the same.
I always love the game, not the odds. I want my team to win, but not because I have any money riding on the outcome. I want my team – I want my kids’ teams – to win – because they’re our team. 

But the proliferation of sports betting advertising today means that our kids often think winning – and betting – go hand in hand.
The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation’s 2018 community attitudes survey found 74 per cent of Victorians think adolescents are exposed to too much gambling advertising.
That really bothers me.
So I am delighted that more than 400 sporting clubs across Victoria have taken a stand by signing up to the Foundation’s Love the Game Sporting Club Program and are saying no to sports betting sponsorship. This includes our 10 AFL teams, AFL Victoria, leagues and commissions, and hundreds of community clubs. 
This weekend’s Love the Game round (27–30 June 2019) is the ideal time for you to take a stand too. Have the talk with your kids about how sport and betting don’t have to go together.
For more information, visit or share your thoughts on social media, #LoveTheGame.
Shane Lucas
Chief Executive Officer
Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation
Note: In partnership with leagues and commissions, the Love the Game program reaches more than 160,000 regional players across the state (see table).

 Leagues and commissions

Player reach

AFL Wimmera Mallee (Ararat; Horsham; Wimmera; Stawell)


AFL Central Murray


AFL Goldfields (Ballarat)


AFL North East border (Albury)


AFL Gippsland


AFL Barwon (Geelong)


AFL Central Victoria (Bendigo)


AFL South East (Mornington Peninsula; Nepean)