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John Setka & Emma Walters Statement

John Setka & Emma Walters Statement

Over the past few years we’ve been to hell and back with relentless attacks on us personally for what is nothing more than some people seeking their own political gain! The result of this, was, our relationship hit rock bottom! 

We’ve both said and done things we aren’t proud of, but this is not an opportunity to get John Setka, my family should not be used as political bait.

We are working very hard together to rebuild our marriage and are confronting the issues that lead to the breakdown of our marriage together, as a couple, a family and with the help of professionals.

About comments made at the National Exec meeting, what was reported in relationship to Rosie Batty is completely false!  I have always been a huge supporter of Rosie Batty and admire the tireless work she does and what she has achieved. 

Everyone at that meeting knows that what is being reported is not what I said and the member who leaked these false allegations for nothing more than political gain should be the one who hangs their head in shame! 

I completely agree with Mr. Albanese any comments denigrating Rosie Batty are completely unacceptable!!!!

I’ve been a member of the CFMMEU for over 35 years and have proudly led the union for the past 6 years and as long as I am the elected leader one thing won’t change, I will always put our members first!

I’m simply asking the people who are using our private lives to wage a political war against John to STOP!  My family has been dragged through the mud and we are simply asking for privacy to heal our marriage and protect our children just as any parent would want to do.


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