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Bilingual media release - Green Square a national sustainability leader

The City of Sydney’s fastest-growing neighbourhood has received national recognition as one of Australia’s most sustainable communities, according to a prestigious certification program.

Green Square town centre in Sydney’s inner south has been awarded a 6 Star Green Star – Communities rating from the Green Building Council of Australia.

The rating recognises the sustainable planning, design, and construction of large-scale development projects across the country, including buildings, offices and community precincts.

Six stars is the highest possible rating, denoting ‘world leadership’ in the areas of governance, liveability, economic prosperity, environment and innovation.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the certification recognises 15 years of dedicated work from City staff.

“I am incredibly proud that the City of Sydney has become the first local government in NSW to receive a 6 Star Green Star rating for the Green Square town centre,” the Lord Mayor said.

“Green Square was earmarked for urban renewal by the NSW Government in 1996, but there had been little progress by the time I was elected Lord Mayor in 2004.

“We set out to make Green Square an exemplary model for sustainable, high density living in Sydney by embedding green infrastructure into our planning.

“Because of this commitment, Green Square town centre features one of Australia’s largest urban stormwater recycling schemes, as well as tree-lined, low-speed streets and extra-wide footpaths, self-watering raingardens, separated cycleways, and LED street lights.

“It’s also socially responsible, with 104 affordable housing units in the Green Square town centre allowing key workers to live close to their places of work, which reduces congestion and enhances wellbeing.

“We have also invested $540 million to ensure our residents and workers have the infrastructure they need.

“This includes the 5 Star Green Square library and plaza, with its own wastewater system and innovative measures to reduce energy used for cooling, and the future Gunyama Park aquatic and recreation centre, which will be heated and powered by its own locally produced energy system.

“In Green Square, we’ve shown that high density living can be created with environmental, social and economic sustainability in mind and this award is a fantastic recognition of our efforts.”

Green Square’s town centre sits at the heart of one of Australia’s biggest urban renewal areas, just 3.5 kilometres from the city centre. When complete, it will be home to around 7,500 residents and 8,600 workers.
The City’s work in Green Square includes:

  • Green Square library and plaza – opened in late 2018, Green Square’s spectacular underground library features an amphitheatre, reading garden, café, technology lab, music room and dedicated children’s area, along with an outdoor plaza for community events. The building was awarded a 5 Star Green Star – Design rating for its wastewater system and low energy displacement ventilation system within the library bookshelves.
  • Gunyama Park aquatic and recreation centre – set to open in 2020, the centre will be the largest pool complex built in Sydney since the 2000 Olympics. It will feature indoor and outdoor heated pools, a gym, covered outdoor yoga deck, cafe and crèche, as well as outdoor multipurpose sports facilities. The centre will be heated and powered by its own locally produced energy system.
  • Green Square community and cultural precinct – opened in mid-2018, the award-winning precinct sits on the former South Sydney Hospital site in the heart of the town centre. It features heritage buildings that have been refurbished as a creative centre, community shed, childcare centre and green infrastructure centre, as well as a park and public artwork.
  • Parks – more than 40 parks are being built across the wider Green Square area, including large open spaces like the Drying Green and Gunyama Park, children’s playgrounds like Wulaba Park and dozens of community pocket parks.
  • Stormwater – a new two kilometre underground stormwater drain from Epsom Road in Zetland to Shea’s Creek channel in Alexandria has significantly reduced the risk of flooding in the town centre, which sits on a floodplain. A water recycling plant on the former South Sydney Hospital site treats water from the drain so it can be used by thousands of residents across the town centre for washing clothes, flushing toilets and in parks and gardens.
  • Streets network – hundreds of new street trees, self-watering raingardens, extra-wide footpaths, elegant bronze street furniture, bright LED lights and wayfinding signs highlighting the history of Green Square are making the area greener, safer and more attractive. People walking and riding bikes are being prioritised with pedestrian-only zones, separated cycleways and low-speed streets.
  • Affordable housing and accommodation – the City’s affordable housing scheme has seen private developments in the area help fund 104 affordable housing units for essential workers on lower wages, built by City West Housing. Under the City’s accommodation grants program, facilities in the town centre have been leased to groups providing community and cultural services in the area.
  • Public art – a range of permanent and temporary artworks explore the area’s history and culture, from Maria Fernanda Cardoso’s sandstone and bottle tree sculpture at the community and cultural precinct to Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro’s repurposed vintage aircraft suspended inside the library.

The City continues to work with and advocate for the state government to bring education, health and especially more public transport services to the area.

The City has already worked with developers to preserve a corridor through the area for future public transport, including light rail, and successfully negotiated the removal of the train station access fee.

The City has collaborated with utility companies, transport providers, the NSW Government developer Landcom and other developers including Mirvac, an expert design advisory panel and local residents and businesses to plan, design and build the new town centre.

For more information on Green Square, visit cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/vision/green-square

For more information on the Green Star program, visit new.gbca.org.au/green-star

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      悉尼市发展速度最快的绿色广场地区(Green Square)近日被权威机构认证为“澳大利亚最具可持续性环保社区”的称号。

      位于悉尼南城的绿色广场中央地带荣获澳大利亚绿色建筑委员会(Green Building Council of Australia)环保六星级城区(6 Star Green Star – Communities rating)的佳绩。



      悉尼市市长Clover Moore表示,该荣誉是对市政工作人员15年来为本地区敬业服务的认可。







      “其中包括:拥有独立废水处理利用和创新节能制冷系统的环保五星级绿色广场图书馆兼多功能休闲区(Green Square library and plaza);还有即将修建完工的古雅玛公园水上运动娱乐中心(Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre),馆内完整的热电联产系统将可为建筑供热、供电。”




  • 绿色广场图书馆兼多功能休闲区 — 2018年底向大众开放。该地下嵌入式图书馆是绿色广场的建筑杰作,整体包括:圆形阶梯露天剧场、阅读休闲花园、咖啡馆、科技馆、乐室、儿童专用区以及可供公众活动的多功能休闲区。这里因安设先进的污水处理系统和馆内书架节能置换通风系统而荣获环保五星级。
  • 古雅玛公园水上运动娱乐中心 — 预计将于2020年对外开放。该中心将成为自2000年悉尼奥运会以来,本市修建规模最大的游泳场馆。馆内容纳:多个室内/外常温游泳池、健身房、户外遮阳瑜伽平台、咖啡馆、托儿所和户外多功能运动器械。其自身能源系统将为建筑供暖供电自给自足。
  • 绿色广场公共文化集中区(Green Square community and cultural precinct)— 自2018年中旬对外开放。该区域位于绿色广场中央地段,是前南悉尼医院旧址(South Sydney Hospital),屡获殊荣。这里的文物古建筑已翻新成为创意中心、社区凉棚、育儿中心、绿色基础设施中心,与此同时市政府还在周边修建了街心公园和艺术展品。
  • 公园 — 绿色广场及其周边共有40多座公园,例如:Drying Green和古雅玛等大型开敞绿地,也有如:乌拉罢公园(Wulaba Park)等带有儿童娱乐区的街心公园。
  • 雨水处理 — 绿色广场中央地段由于地处凹地,因此在雍仁区(Zetland)伊普森路(Epsom Road)至亚历山德里亚区(Alexandria)西亚渠(Shea’s Creek)地段修建了全新地下雨水渠,全长2公里,可显著降低暴雨洪灾的可能性。位于前南悉尼医院旧址的污水回收处理系统可收集来自地下水渠的雨水,净化处理后,不但可供上万居民用来冲洗,还能灌溉绿地和花园。
  • 街道设施 — 上千株新栽种的行道树、自动浇灌的街心公园、更宽敞的步行便道、雅致美观的青铜色街道公共装置、明亮的LED照明灯、古迹路标标识等全新的路边设施都让绿色广场更加郁郁葱葱、更加安全、更具吸引力。这里还设有步行专用道、骑行专用道、机动车低速行驶道等特别路线,优先考虑步行和骑行者的安全。
  • 经济适用房 — 该地区的个体开发商通过悉尼市政府经济适用住房计划(affordable housing scheme)帮助城西租赁住房服务部(City West Housing)建造并提供给低收入公务人群104套经济租赁房。与此同时,依照悉尼市政府住宿补贴计划(accommodation grants program),绿色广场中央地段的设施场所也都优先租赁给了为该地区公众和文化提供服务的社团和集体。
  • 公众艺术展品 — 绿色广场陈列了一系列永久和临时艺术展品,集中体现了该地区的历史和文化背景。展品包括:玛丽亚·费尔南达·卡多佐(Maria Fernanda Cardoso)在公共文化集中区利用澳大利亚梧桐树和砂岩组合而成的艺术雕塑,以及克莱尔·海利(Claire Healy)和肖恩·卡迪罗(Sean Cordeiro)共同创作的再造老式飞机造型,如今高悬在图书馆内。






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