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Monash Experts: EU Elections, Sexual Abuse Legislation

Monash University experts available to discuss the following topics: New WA legislation to force Catholic priests to report child sexual abuse

Associate Professor Luke Beck, Faculty of Law
Contact details: +61 403 580 311 or “Mandatory reporting laws applying to priests reflect a community consensus that protecting children from sexual abuse is more important than adults’ religious beliefs about secrecy. This proposal is one of the recommendations of the Royal Commission.” Luke Beck is a constitutional lawyer and leading expert on the separation of church and state/religious freedom issues in Australia. Read some of Luke’s commentary at Monash Lens   European Union elections

Dr Ben Wellings, Senior Lecturer in Politics & International Relations and Deputy Director, Monash European and EU Centre

Contact details: +61 421 470 181 or

Read more of Ben’s work at Monash Lens

Can comment on Theresa May’s pending resignation, Nigel Farage and the rise of the EFDD Coalition, and confusion around the vote for those in favour of Brexit. Dr Natalie Doyle, Senior Lecturer in French Studies

Contact details: +61 3 9903 4840 or

Read more of Natalie's work at Monash Lens

Can comment on France, Germany and Italy’s response to lead-up and results. The EU elections are the first national electoral consultation since Emmanuel Macron’s election and, with the yellow vests crisis, the stakes are high. For any other topics on which you may be seeking expert comment, contact the Monash University Media Unit on +61 3 9903 4840 or