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Vitaeris Announces Multiple Scientific Presentations Involving Clazakizumab at the 2019 American Transplant Congress

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 22, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- Anti-Interleukin 6 Monoclonal Antibody for Antibody-Mediated Kidney Transplant Rejection

- 8 Oral & Poster Presentations

Vitaeris Inc. (Vitaeris) today announced that eight abstracts involving or related to clazakizumab, Vitaeris' proprietary anti-interleukin-6 humanized monoclonal antibody, have been accepted for presentation at the 2019 American Transplant Congress (ATC) taking place from June 1-5 in Boston, MA. These studies underscore Vitaeris' commitment to developing clazakizumab to address the unmet medical needs of transplant recipients suffering from chronic active antibody-mediated rejection and patients in need of kidney transplants.

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ATC 2019 Presentations on Clazakizumab Listed Chronologically:

Presentation Date/Time/Location

Change in eGFR and Risk of Allograft Saturday, June 1, 2019,
Failure in Patients diagnosed with Active 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
ABMR Following Kidney Transplantation. Poster Session A: Kidney
Irish W, Nickerson P et al. Chronic Antibody
(POSTER Abstract A197) Mediated Rejection
Location: Hall C & D

Clazakizumab acts on Endothelial Cells Saturday, June 1, 2019,
to limit Antibody Mediated Damage. 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Lion J, Mooney NA, Glotz D. Poster Session A: Endothelial
(POSTER Abstract A81) Cell Biology
Location: Hall C & D

Clazakizumab Treatment of Patients Saturday, June 1, 2019,
with CABMR Reduces Total IgG and 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Anti-HLA IgG Antibody Levels. Shin B, Poster Session A: Chronic
Jordan S et al. Antibody Mediated
(POSTER Abstract A193) Rejection
Location: Hall C & D

Monitoring Inflammatory Cytokine Levels Saturday, June 1, 2019,
in Patients with CABMR treated with 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Clazakizumab. Ge S, Jordan S et al. Poster Session A: Biomarkers,
(POSTER Abstract A179) Immune Monitoring and Outcomes
Location: Hall C & D

Evaluation of the Safety and Tolerability Sunday, June 2, 2019,
of Clazakizumab as Desensitization Agent 2:42 pm - 2:54 pm
in Highly-HLA Sensitized ESRD Patients. Session: Kidney
Vo A, Jordan S et al. Immunosuppression:
(ORAL Abstract 27) Desensitization
Location: Ballroom A

Clazakizumab as Agent to Reduce HLA DSA Monday, June 3, 2019,
and Improve Outcomes in Patients with 4:30 pm - 4:42 pm
CABMR Post-kidney Transplantation. Session: Kidney Chronic
Jordan S, Ammerman N et al. Antibody Mediated
(ORAL Abstract 316) Rejection
Location: Ballroom B

Clazakizumab and Tocilizumab treatments Monday, June 3, 2019,
differentially affect IL-6/IL-6R 4:42 pm - 4:54 pm
signalling by modulating Soluble IL-6R Session: Kidney Chronic
and GP130 in Kidney Transplant Patients Antibody Mediated
treated for CABMR. Shin B, Jordan S et al. Rejection
(ORAL Abstract 317) Location: Ballroom B

Neutralization of IL-6 by Ald518-p18 Monday, June 3, 2019,
(murine Clazakizumab) Attenuates DSA 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Responses in Mouse Model of Allogeneic Poster Session C:
Sensitization - a Dose Finding Study. Immunosuppression
Wu G, Jordan S et al. Preclinical Studies
(POSTER Abstract C14) Location: Hall C & D

"These presentations by our academic collaborators demonstrate our commitment to the transplant community, and the potential for clazakizumab to become a beneficial treatment for kidney transplant recipients with chronic active antibody mediated rejection of their allograft," said Dr. Eddie Chong, Chief Medical Officer, Vitaeris.

Abstracts can be accessed at the conference website:

Clazakizumab has been specially engineered to remove antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity and complement-dependent cytotoxicity. Clazakizumab has been administered in clinical trials involving over one thousand patients and has performed well against safety and efficacy criteria with acceptable tolerability in autoimmune diseases.

About Vitaeris

Vitaeris Inc. is a privately held, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company based in Vancouver, Canada, focused on the development of the anti-interleukin-6 (IL-6) monoclonal antibody clazakizumab for chronic inflammatory diseases. IL-6 is a key cytokine involved in the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis and is now being implicated in numerous other diseases characterized by chronic inflammation, including solid organ graft rejection. Clazakizumab has been studied in clinical trials involving over one thousand patients worldwide, and was licensed on an exclusive, worldwide basis from Alder Biopharmaceuticals. Vitaeris' shareholders include key founding investor HBM Healthcare Investments, key founder Alder, Vitaeris' co-founders and other private investors. In December 2017, Vitaeris and CSL Limited announced a strategic partnership with option to acquire.

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