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Senator Duncan Spender

Liberal Democrats set to do a Bradbury

Liberal Democrats set to do a Bradbury

Senator Duncan Spender has predicted surprise wins for the Liberal Democrats as other parties fall over themselves in the race for the final Senate seat in each State.

“The competing below-the-line campaigns from Jim Molan and the Nationals will thin out the Coalition vote in the battle for the final seat in NSW,” he said.

“Below-the-line Coalition voting will also stop preference flows to Clive Palmer.   

“The bad behaviour of One Nation candidates and officials, and the rise of Fraser Anning’s party, will thin out One Nation’s vote.

“The militant vegans invading farms and stealing baby animals will halt the rise of the vote for the Animal Justice Party.

“Against all this chaos, the Liberal Democrats have been running a disciplined and sophisticated social media campaign targeting its niche support groups who favour lower taxes and less nanny state regulation.

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party standing up for real liberal values.

“The new Senate voting system, by allowing votes that only provide preferences for six parties, will also see massive vote exhaustion.

“Vote exhaustion means that a party won’t accumulate votes when its rivals drop out of the race. So the final Senate seat will probably go to a party that only got 3 or 4 per cent of the vote.

“All of this means that, in each State, there will likely be two Senate seats for Labor, one for the Greens, two for the Liberals, and the Liberal Democrats in with a chance for the final seat,” he concluded.

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