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Bilingual media release - Smart ideas for greener business and buildings

New projects to support textile reuse, digitised recycling and green garden walls are among the 36 recipients of more than $400,000 in environmental performance grants awarded by the City of Sydney.

A project using separation technology to break down fibres in unwanted clothing and linen for reuse has been awarded $45,000.

An online platform that removes barriers to recycling by managing the entire waste process at a single location has been awarded $50,000.

And a project to nurture and increase green walls is set to receive $20,000 to develop a ‘wall-bot’ prototype to seed, weed and maintain green walls.

The ‘wall-bot’ pilot will take place at the University of Technology Sydney. It was developed by Professor Sara Wilkinson and Associate Professor Tim Schork to help overcome major challenges facing green walls.

“I’m excited to be working on a practical project that could be a game changer for green walls,” said Professor Wilkinson.

“The key challenges we face with adoption of green walls are maintenance costs and health and safety issues. Working with experts in architecture and mechatronics engineering, we believe the ‘wall-bot’ can overcome these.”

The environmental performance grants also focus on building operations and ratings and assessments to assist building owners in achieving green results for residents, businesses and the community.

A $32,000 grant will allow three high-profile commercial buildings on George Street – The Strand Arcade, the Queen Victoria Building and The Galeries – to undergo energy audits in a bid to minimise energy consumption.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said cities generate a staggering 75 to 80 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, so action in our cities is crucial to combating climate change.

“Through these grants, we are building the capacity of residents and businesses to improve environmental performance in our local area and address any barriers to these necessary changes.

“Our environmental grants program has run for more than four years contributing over $1.6 million to projects committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and taking practical action on climate change. I’m proud to support this new round of exciting projects in our city.”

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      悉尼市政府宣布了新一轮“环保功绩奖助金(environmental performance grants)”的拨款对象名单。入围者所涉及领域有:废弃服装和纺织品再利用、数字化回收、高层建筑绿化幕墙等36项在环保方面做出突出贡献的新方案,本轮拨款总价值逾$400,000。




      多功能机器手臂将在悉尼科技大学(University of Technology Sydney)设立试点,由萨拉·威尔金森教授(Sara Wilkinson)和蒂姆·施柯克副教授(Tim Schork)联合主导研发,旨在克服绿色幕墙维护中出现的主要难题。




      市政府将通过环保功绩奖助金承诺价值$32,000的拨款,专门为悉尼市中心乔治街(George Street)上的三座备受瞩目的商业建筑进行节能效率审核,以在最大程度上减少其总能耗量。这三栋楼宇为:马丁广场(Martin Place)拱廊购物中心(The Strand Arcade)、维多利亚女皇大厦(Queen Victoria Building)以及The Galeries购物中心。

      市长Clover Moore称,各大都市的温室气体排放量占全世界温室气体排放总量的75%至80%,因此为了有效应对气候变化,所有城市都应该行动起来,采取相应的措施。




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