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NSW Education Standards Authority


The timetable for this year’s 123 written HSC exams was released today by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).


HSC written exams will start on Thursday 17 October at 9:50am with a compulsory English paper, and finish on Monday 11 November with papers for Design and Technology and Textiles and Design.


NESA Acting Chief Executive Officer, Paul Martin, said scheduling the 18 days of HSC exams is a complex logistical exercise involving around 78,000 students, 123 exams and 750 locations.


“The timetable is designed to provide a schedule which is as fair and equitable as possible to ensure all students get the opportunity to do their best in their written exams,” said Mr Martin.


To develop the timetable NESA follows rigorous procedures to:

·         provide sufficient breaks between exams for popular courses

·         provide sufficient breaks between exams for frequently combined courses

·         enable all exams to be marked and students to receive their results from 6:00am on Tuesday 17 December

·         minimise the number of students with two exams scheduled at the same time.


NESA has identified and made alternative arrangements for the very small number of students who have conflicting exam times.


Results from the HSC exams account for 50 per cent of students’ marks for the internationally recognised credential.