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International Jazz Day! It's time to face the MUSIC!

What:              Celebrating International Jazz Day April 30 2019

Who:               ‘New Orleans’ Style Marching Band Parades around Melbourne City Block on the hour

                         Albert Dadon OA and Jazz Club Entrepreneur available for comment along with saxophonist and TV personality, Wilbur Wilde for commentary

When:               8:30am, 9:30am, 10:30am. 11:30am, 12:30am, 1:30am, 2:30am

                             * Wilbur Wilde and Albert Dadon available for interview at 10:30am

Where:           11 Singers Lane, Melbourne City


Hosted in a different city every year, International Jazz Day is a day declared by the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organisation to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people from all corners of the globe through music.

Bird’s Basement, Melbourne’s Jazz Corner, is hosting ‘Wilbur Wilde’s Blowout Band’ and punters can expect a seriously high standard of playing from Wilbur (tenor sax) and his stellar band - with Eugene Ball (trumpet), Sam Keevers (piano), Philip Rex (bass) and Niko Schauble (drums).


The idea of UNESCO goodwill Ambassador and absolute Jazz icon, Herbie Hancock, International Jazz Day this year is blasts off this year in Melbourne with the 2019 All-Star Global Concert in Hamer Hall.


About Albert Dadon AM

An established cultural attaché and consummate jazz musician, Albert Dadon now chairs the annual Jazz Bell Awards. First and foremost, Albert is a musician and music is his life. Having played guitar since he was 8 years old, Albert has been playing now for 54 years. He confesses, he taught himself everything and that music has constantly nourished and inspired him. Albert was at the forefront of the Acid Jazz movement in the 1990s and now, has a new, recently launched album, Urbanity.


Albert Dadon has received an Order of Australia (AM) for his service to promote jazz in Australia, specifically bringing Umbria Jazz to Melbourne, which attracted more than 135,000 attendees and was later named ‘The Melbourne Jazz Festival’.


Happy Jazz Day!




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