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Muslims Down Under stand in solidarity with Christian brothers and sisters, condemning the Sri Lankan terror attacks

Muslims Down Under strongly condemn all forms of terrorism and offer condolences to the families and friends of the nearly 300 innocent lives lost, including Australians, and the many hundreds who have been injured. We stand in solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters in humanity. Any attack on a place of worship and it's vulnerable worshippers, is an assault on our common humanity.

The Director of Muslims Down Under, Imam Mohammad Hadi states:

"We can find no justification for such attacks in any faith; the Holy Quran specifically guides Muslims to protect and safeguard all places of worship and its worshippers. Places of worship are centers of love and peace; extremists and so-called Islamic groups that are perpetrating the very worst forms of brutality in the name of Islam act in complete contradiction to the teachings of Islam."

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