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Senator Duncan Spender

Senator has the solution to stop regional airline price gouging

Senator has the solution to stop regional airline price gouging

Senator Duncan Spender has called on the government to give regional Australians access to more affordable air travel by allowing foreign airlines to transit through key regional areas.

“Plenty of families would have avoided the backseat bickering, long travel times and congested roads this long weekend if regional airfares were more affordable,” Senator Spender said.

“But unfortunately, regional air travel in this country is out of reach for most families.

“There is a solution.

“There are plenty of foreign airlines that would love to provide a Sydney to Dubbo, Brisbane to Townsville, or Perth to Broome routes, at more competitive prices.

“Limiting the market to protect two main Aussie airlines clearly isn’t the answer, as regional Australians are the ones predominately paying through the nose for it.

“Allowing foreign airlines to operate on domestic routes would save regional Australians money.

“This is a classic example of red tape costing real Australians a lot of money and depriving them of much-needed services.

“If I am elected, I will continue to make the case for more competitive regional flights and speak up for regional Australians who just want access to affordable airfares,” Senator Spender pledged.

Senator Spender first raised the idea on Sky News. View the video here.

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