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Terrorism does not discriminate - we must stand united against hate!

Terrorism does not discriminate - we must stand united against hate!


When terror knocks on our doors, we don’t wait to see who the perpetrators are, what faith they belong to, or where they’re from. The people, families, friends, first responders and communities that terrorism affects all pay a price for the violence that they shouldn’t have to discriminate. On the basis of our humanity and to overcome all forms of bigotry and supremacy, we must accept that until we come together, we cannot fight the hate. Joining forces to counter hatred is the only way forward. Dialogue, education and harmony are extremely important if we want to move forward.


Sydney University Red Cross Society is organising a special event in collaboration with Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association and Muslims Down Under to pay respect to all those impacted by Christchurch, New Zealand attack. The event is being sponsored by University of Sydney Union, University of Sydney Students Representative Council and Australian Red Cross – Young Humanitarians NSW & ACT.


The President of Sydney University Red Cross Society, Nethangie Ranhotty states:

“Our aim is to unite the Sydney University student body and the wider community, to stand together to remember victims of Christchurch”


Special guest, the Director of Muslims Down Under, National Secretary Outreach of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth and Muslim Imam, Mohammad Hadi states:

“The events that have unfolded at Christchurch reassert the fact that all types of extremism are detrimental to human society. We must come together on the basis of our shared humanity and overcome all forms of bigotry. Let’s end the "us and them" narrative and bring all Australians together.”


Date: Friday 22 March 2019

Date: 5pm – 7pm

Location: Eastern Avenue University of Sydney, Camperdown


Media Contact:

 Twitter: @MuslimYouthAU   @MuslimsDwnUnder 

Nethangie Ranhotty    (Mob: 0470 179 239)

Musawer Bajwa          (Mob: 0432 527 057)