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Mt Buller Confirm New Transit Provider

Mt Buller Confirm TravelSafe As New Transit Provider

AUSTRALIA, March 18th 2019 - The Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Alpine Resort Management Board have announced that TravelSafe Bus Hire Pty Ltd (TravelSafe) has been awarded the contract to supply transit services at Mt Buller.

The contract commences from the 2019 snow season and will see TravelSafe providing car park shuttle, village shuttle, valet taxi and park & ride services.

The tender and evaluation process was very thorough with TravelSafe being awarded sole management of the services provided. “Transit services are a critical part of the visitor experience at Mt Buller and cost a significant amount to provide. We undertook a very thorough tender and evaluation process so as to attain the best possible result for visitors and stakeholders”, said Mark Bennetts, CEO The Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Resort Management.

The key benefits for Mt Buller visitors will include:

  • Improved comfort and reduction of greenhouse gases from an updated vehicle fleet

  • Real-time service information via the Mt Buller Application

  • Ability to pre-book valet taxis, both online and through the App, with time of arrival notifications reducing the need to wait outdoors

  • Introduction of a new Snowplay Express service during 8 peak weekends in July and August. Visitors will be able to book and park in Mirimbah and receive safe, comfortable transit to the Mt Buller Village, without needing to carry and fit wheel chains

  • Valet taxi fares retained at 2018 prices

  • Village shuttle and Car Park services to remain free of charge

  • Continued employment opportunities for the local community

TravelSafe already provides flexible transit services throughout Australia and makes significant use of technology to improve services provided to many large scale events.

Bendigo Coachlines will be TravelSafe’s primary fleet partner and have committed to the acquisition of new vehicles to support the requirements. Bendigo Coachlines have close to 60 years trading experience in providing transportation services in VIC. TravelSafe will source additional vehicles from its extensive network of transport operators to cover peak visitation periods.

TravelSafe will be able to offer a much-enhanced visitor experience by introducing real-time information for all transit services, which will include car park and village shuttles. Visitors will be able to book their valet taxi requirements online and via the Mt Buller App. Pickup times can be selected and they will be able to track the arrival of their driver from the comfort of their own accommodation. Visitors will also be able to book the new Snowplay Express park & ride service from Mirimbah from as little as $36.80 per vehicle.

TravelSafe is delighted to be able to provide transit and management services for such a well-respected institution. “We are looking forward to being able to greatly improve the visitor experience at Mt Buller, while at the same time providing value-based services to the resort and its users.” - Mark Bond (CEO)

About TravelSafe Bus Hire Pty Ltd

TravelSafe Bus Hire provide a wide range of ground transportation services throughout all of Australia. The company was formed in Sept 2016 by an experienced team from the UK and has grown significantly in this time.

In recent times TravelSafe have been involved with providing transport solutions for some very prestigious events including Miss World Australia as well as valuable support for The Starlight Children's Foundation and their Wish Week.

As at February 2019 they have provided transportation for more than 1½ million passengers. Find out more about TravelSafe Bus Hire by visiting their website.

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