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David Leyonhjelm, lead candidate for the Liberal Democrats

Halve car registration fees

Halve car registration fees

David Leyonhjelm, lead candidate for the Liberal Democrats, today announced he will push to halve car registration fees, including the component based on the car’s weight, if he is elected to the NSW Legislative Council.

“Halving rego would be a $1.4 billion tax cut in NSW, or around $250 per vehicle,” he said.

“Across the nation, car and fuel taxes exceed the cost of roads by more than $4 billion each year.

“So motorists are not only paying for the road infrastructure they share with cyclists and pedestrians, but are also paying for everything from stadium rebuilding to the welfare state.”

As well as halving rego fees, the Liberal Democrats would abolish fuel excise, the luxury car tax, import tariffs (which continue to apply to some car imports), and stamp duties on car purchases and insurance.

“Under the Liberal Democrats, you’d no longer be repeatedly stung by government whenever you hop into your car.  Our aim is to get government out of your life,” David said.

The Liberal Democrats’ plan to reduce the tax burden on motorists is part of a fully-costed alternative budget, to be published later this month.  The alternative budget involves each State delivering budget surpluses and significant cuts to taxes and government spending.

“The Liberal Democrats would also allow imports of second-hand cars that meet our standards, lift speed limits to reflect community views on the balance between safety and convenience, and wind back the regulation of vehicle modifications by car enthusiasts to mods that have an impact on others,” David concluded.

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