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A Life Untold

A heartfelt Mother's Day gift perfect for mums and grandmothers for under $150


Turn your mum’s life story into a printed book that your family will treasure forever

A Life Untold makes it easy and fun to turn your mum’s life story into a captivating and professionally designed hardcover book that will be treasured by your family forever,” says Josh Kates, founder of A Life Untold.

“The reason I started A Life Untold was to record my own parents’ stories. Despite being very close to my mum, I discovered so much about her from reading her story. She’s even more amazing than I realised! I’m so grateful that our family now has her story written down for generations to come.”  

How does it work? 

STEP 1: Your mum takes our online interview

Your mum answers our online interview with 101 thought-provoking questions about her life. You can either use our questions to interview your mum or she can fill them out at her own pace. The questions are broken down into different “life chapters” like childhood, work and love so nothing is missed, but she can always add her own questions as well.

STEP 2: We design, print & deliver your mum’s book

Once the online interview is complete, A Life Untold designs a book that combines your mum’s questions, answers and photos to create her own unique and professionally designed autobiography. We’ll then send it off for printing and deliver it to her home. There are no limits on the number of additional copies that can be ordered and she will also receive a free digital e-book for easy sharing with family and friends.

How much is it?

For $149 your mum will receive access to our online interview as well as her life story designed, printed and delivered as a beautifully designed hardcover book (free shipping in Australia).

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About us

We’re a husband and wife team from Sydney. After our daughter was born we realised how little we knew about our parents and family histories. We wanted their stories to be recorded so she could one day read them and discover the lives they’d led. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a way to do this that was affordable, fun and would lead to a beautiful book in the end. We decided to create A Life Untold to do just that.


For any questions please contact Josh Kates (founder) at or 0450 339 599. You can find us on the web here: