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HyperloopTT co-founder to address parliamentary inquiry into autonomous transport in Sydney


MEDIA ALERT: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Chairman to appear before Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into Automated Mass Transit



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What:Co-founder and Chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, (HyperloopTT) Mr Bibop Gresta, will appear before a Parliamentary inquiry into autonomous mass transport.


When: Thursday, February 28 (0930 AEDT), Mr. Gresta will be available for interviews afterwards


Where:Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices, 1 Bligh Street, Level 21 Sydney, NSW, Australia. 


Why: Mr. Gresta and HyperloopTT will make a case for Hyperloop to be considered alongside high speed rail as an option that is 40 per cent cheaper and up to three times faster than high speed rail for Australia. Mr Gresta will ask that Australia undertake some feasibility studies and include Hyperloop in new Australian legal frameworks alongside self-driving cars.


HyperloopTT is a global leader in the emerging ultra-high speed tube and capsule based transportation system industry with commercial agreements in China, Abu Dhabi and feasibility studies underway in the US, Europe, and Asia. The company’s 320m track in Toulouse, France is nearing completion. In October 2018, HyperloopTT unveiled the world’s first full-scale Hyperloop passenger capsule. HyperloopTT is also the industry leader in safety and insurability of its systems.


Its submission to the House of Representatives inquiry said the hyperloop technology has reached an advanced stage of development, has a robust safety case and been signed off by a leading insurer. It is estimated to be as much as 40 per cent cheaper than high speed rail, requires less land, uses less energy, and is able to move people and freight to destinations significantly faster.


The company believes it has the potential to solve Australia’s population and housing issues by using the new technology to link cities with major regional centres within minutes using its autonomous vehicle technology travelling up to 1,200 kmh, people travelling in airline style capsules at airline speed at ground level.


HyperloopTT wants to conduct feasibility studies in Australian regional corridors to compare the ultra-high speed technology against conventional higher speed rail currently under evaluation. Hyperloop is safer than other forms of transportation as it is not weather affected and operates free of obstructions as there are no level crossings. Cars and animals move freely under the Hyperloop tubes carrying the pods. The system can be net energy positive, can put more power back into the grid than it uses and creates no greenhouse gas. HyperloopTT is also considering setting up one of its global innovation hubs in a tech precinct in Australia to study Australian passenger and freight applications and to act as a step-up for Australia into this new technology.


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