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First Hellyer Gold Mines Pty Ltd (HGM) shipment proves mining attractive in Tasmania

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21 February 2019

First Hellyer Gold Mines Pty Ltd (HGM) shipment proves mining attractive in Tasmania

Hellyer Gold Mines has delivered its first shipment of silver lead gold concentrate from the port of Burnie following the commissioning of the Hellyer Tailings reprocessing facility on Tasmania’s west coast.


The shipment comprises the first of what will be a total annual shipment of over 36,000 tonnes of silver lead gold concentrate,  each year for 10 years,  out of the TasRail/TasPorts Burnie holding facility.  The AAL Fremantle load on February 9th was being shipped to Korea Zinc for processing in their zinc  smelters.


Hellyer Gold Mines Pty Ltd director, Steve White said the first delivery has been a great step forward for the company, employees, contractors and off-take partners Traxys Europe S.A.


“The first product shipment proves the technical and commercial viability of the Hellyer reprocessing project. Reprocessing the tailings resource also offers substantial environmental benefits as well."


“The company is committed to using modern processing technology to extract value from legacy tailings at the same time as restoring the mine footprint and repairing any existing environmental damage.


“The twin goals of generating shareholder and environmental value are being met with the Hellyer Project. 


“We must also stress just how welcoming the Tasmanian community has been while we were developing the project, the prospect of generating value from an unused legacy resource to rehabilitate the old mine site has really captured everyone’s imagination.


“The Boards of  NQ Minerals and Hellyer Gold Mines are delighted at just how healthy the business environment for mining and processing investment is in Tasmania.


“We are delighted with the progress of the project and the enthusiastic support we have received in Tasmania. It’s a great place to do business at present’. Mr White said.


The reprocessing project will substantially reduce the tailings material from the existing storage facility by converting it into saleable products. 




For more information contact Richard Gerathy on 0419 203 075.

Questions and Answers

Where is the project?

The Hellyer mill and tailings storages are located on the edge of the Que River plateau, approximately 700 m above sea level, with the Southwell River Valley to the East. 

What is the history of the mine?

The world class Hellyer underground mine on the West Coast of Tasmania began production in 1989 under the ownership of Aberfoyle Limited, who later sold the operation to Western Metals Resources Limited. 

The Hellyer polymetallic ore body was discovered in 1983. The ore was treated on site with the concentrate taken to Burnie for shipment out of the state. Operations ceased at the Hellyer Mine in 2000 when economically available ore at the site became exhausted.

What was the production history of the Hellyer Mine over the years?

The Hellyer Mine produced 15 million tonnes of ore in the 11 years it was in operation that yielded 601,000 tonnes of bulk concentrate, 2.7 million tonnes of zinc concentrate and 728,000 tonnes of lead concentrate. During this period the mine employed 300 personnel and created $1.3 billion in gross revenue.

What investment has been made in the project so far?

Hellyer Gold Mines is likely to spend over AUD $60m over the life of the project on refurbishment and remediation.