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Report on environmental water released

The House Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy has released its report into the management and use of environmental water.

The inquiry focused on the role of the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (CEWH), including how environmental water is being used, the outcomes achieved and options for improving community engagement.

Environmental water is released from storage at times and locations where plants and animals benefit from higher river flows or when wetlands need replenishment.  

The Committee has recommended that certain practices continue, including the ‘good neighbour’ policy, working with Indigenous communities, funding complementary measures, water trading, and  continued investment in infrastructure programs to ensure that water efficiency is optimised.

The report has also recommended:

  • Enhancing public awareness and communicating outcomes relating to environmental watering actions.  The CEWH should update its communications and engagement strategy and review the adequacy of its existing mechanisms for consultation with the community.
  • The CEWH should consider establishing an advisory or consultative group to inform environmental water use decisions.
  • Utilising the best available technology to monitor water movements and assess environmental conditions.

A copy of the report and further information can be found on the inquiry website at

Media enquiries:
Mr Andrew Gee MP (Calare, NSW), Committee Chair
Rosie Pritchard, (02) 6361 7138

For background information: 
House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy
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