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MEDIA RELEASE - Dreamworld World Wildlife Conservation Day


Monday 3 December, 2018

Dreamworld Remains Significant Contributor to Endangered Species this
Wildlife Conservation Day

Dreamworld is a leader in wildlife conservation, home to more than 500 animals, and drives a number of conservation projects to protect endangered species including tigers, koalas, bilbies and tree kangaroos through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF).

Dreamworld General Manager Life Sciences, Al Mucci said, “With World Wildlife Conservation Day tomorrow, Tuesday 4 December, there is no better time to remind the community of the important work organisations such as Dreamworld and other ZAA accredited zoos undertake each year.”

“Dreamworld is instrumental with wildlife conservation and we are proud of the fact we can not only provide practical support to important conservation projects, but that we have raised more than $3 million to protect our endangered species,” he added.

The Living Koala Genome Bank – a partnership between Dreamworld and the University of Queensland.

Wild koala populations in Queensland are under increasing threat of local extinction, associated with habitat loss and disease.  This project will use proven breeding technologies combined with in-depth analyses of current wild and captive Queensland koala population genetics and chlamydia proofing vaccination therapy to deliver a “living koala genome bank”. 

The Queensland Government has set up a Koala Advisory Panel, due to the increasing decline of koala numbers across the state. Al Mucci is an invited member of this panel. This is recognition of the expertise and knowledge that Al and the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation team conduct within the wild koala conservation frontline of Queensland.

Securing a Future for Australia’s Tree Kangaroos

Through Dreamworld’s partnership with the Tree Kangaroo Rescue and Conservation Centre (TRRACC) we have been able to establish the nucleus of a regional breeding program that also helps to provide quality long term care for Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroos that have been rescued but are not able to be released.

Dreamworld Supporting Bilby Releases – Save the Bilby Fund

Dreamworld is proud to support the Save the Bilby Fund by receiving nine zoo bred bilbies and providing their pre-release health checks on behalf of five different ZAA accredited organisations, along with an additional four bilbies bred at Dreamworld, ahead of their journey to be released at into a secure, fenced area at Currawinya National Park. 

A Win for Wild Tiger Conservation

Dreamworld makes a significant contribution to wild tiger conservation in partnership with WildCats Conservation Alliance and the Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA), recording an increase in wild tiger sightings in Sumatra in the past year.

The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF) works with conservation organisations and ZAA accredited zoos to support the survival of tigers in the wild by funding anti-poaching teams, habitat protection and essential monitoring. It is one of the world’s largest zoo-based funders of wild tiger conservation, having raised more than $2 million to date.

With less than 4,000 tigers left in the wild, the contributions we make towards the long-term survival of these incredible animals is instrumental in protecting them against poaching and other threats,” Mr Mucci added.

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