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Aviation community satisfaction with the performance of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority has risen markedly.

This is the central finding of the latest survey of the health of CASA’s relationship with the aviation community.

The 2018 survey has given CASA an overall satisfaction rating of 6.2 out of 10, up from 4.2 in the same survey conducted in 2015.

Satisfaction with CASA’s service delivery has risen to a rating of 6.2 compared to 3.8 in the previous survey, satisfaction with audits and compliance is up to 6.3 from 4.8 and satisfaction with development of regulations is up to 5.5 from 3.

All key ratings have risen in the 2018 survey, including ease of complying with regulations which is now rated at 5.9 and CASA seeking to promote safety best practice which is rated at 6.7.

The survey of more than 1100 aviation industry participants gave the highest ratings to CASA for respecting confidentiality, having safety as its primary focus and sharing information and knowledge willingly.

High ratings were also given for CASA having competent and capable staff and being efficient in dealings with the people who were surveyed.

CASA’s CEO and Director of Aviation Safety, Shane Carmody, said the results of the latest aviation community survey were very positive.

“The survey shows CASA has come a long way in a relatively short time,” Mr Carmody said.

“On all questions the rankings of CASA’s performance provided by people across the aviation community have improved markedly on the 2015 survey.

“I would like to thank everyone in CASA for contributing to this improved performance and assure the aviation community we will continue to strive to do even better.  There is certainly no room for complacency.

“The survey found there is more work to be done to make regulations simpler, clearer and more practical and to deliver even more consultation.”

The full survey findings are on CASA’s web site.

The survey was conducted by research organisation Colmar Brunton.

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19 October 2018                                                                                                                     MR10018