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Financial Literacy: The Missing Piece

Financial Literacy: The Missing Piece


Money Habitudes® kick starts important conversations that change the way people relate to, and manage, their money.


Helping people understand why they make the choices they do in relation to money is often the missing piece in financial literacy. But finding a non-confrontational way to provide insights into our deeper motivations and money personality can be difficult.


People dread talking about money because the conversation can be stressful or ignite conflict. But, with Money Habitudes®, there are no right or wrong answers, no financial jargon, no maths, and no losers.


By utilising a ‘game’ format, Money Habitudes® cards offer a fun way to help people understand how their habits, attitudes and values affect their financial decisions. Armed with that knowledge, they can learn to make better choices for a stronger financial future.

Now available in an Australian version for the first time, this trusted, affordable tool uses accessible English, making it suitable for even low-literacy audiences.


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About Syble Solomon, creator of Money Habitudes®.


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