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simPRO Provides New Online Learning Resource for their Job Management Software

The trade services industry now have the ability to become experts with job management software thanks to simPRO’s new learning resource.   

The ‘simPRO Learning | Toolbox’ is the job management software company’s latest global product release, specifically designed to educate and support clients who are seeking short-term answers or long-term knowledge about the technology they use for coordinating business operations.   

The new solution offers a growing library of essential resources, including how-tos and standard workflow practice materials, which can be learned at any pace.

The online materials are self-directed, interactive and delivered in short, five-minute topics, supporting users in just-in-time learning to get the knowledge when needed. 

Users also have the ability to complete entire courses on specific simPRO knowledge or workflows. All materials reinforce the learning experience with knowledge checks. 
simPRO Global Head of Customer Success Erika Entz said simPRO Learning | Toolbox was developed as a supportive resource for time-poor customers who wish to stay up-to-date with business demands.
“This is a major stepping stone for simPRO customers, to gain a deeper understanding of our job management software, which has become integral to the trade service industry,” she said.
“The learning toolbox allows businesses to enhance their simPRO knowledge anytime, anywhere. 

The learning materials will help businesses get new team members up to speed faster, and the self-directed learning allows users to become job management software experts in their own right.”   

Ms Entz said the simPRO Learning Toolbox’s wide variety of resources would help simPRO to provide job management software that will lead businesses to future success, and help to make modern software a more accessible mainstream tool in the trade services industry.
“simPRO is dedicated to supporting our current and future customers with a variety of learning resources to ensure we enable our customers to get the most out of their software.” 
“We regularly update and add new content, providing our customers with just-in-time learning in our new simPRO Learning | Toolbox, in addition to other learning resources, such as the simPRO Help Guide, videos and Walk Me Throughs to learn more about our groundbreaking solutions.”
The self-paced microlearning materials are available to users anywhere, anytime with internet access. 
The simPRO Learning | Toolbox is included with simPRO customers user licenses, and comes at no extra costs. It launched on September 26, 2018. 

Belinda Kelly PR & Communications Manager simPRO Software Group Mob: ​+61 455 087 200 

Ben Ready Managing Director RGC Media & Mktng Mob: +61 415 743 838