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Guess who just reduced store theft by 72%?

20th September 2018


Who just cut their shrink by 72%?


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Concept Tag cuts Glue Store shrink by 72%!


JD Sports Fashion Holdings Australia Pty Ltd operates in Australia under the JD Sports, Glue and Super Glue retail brands, offering aspirational brands such as Nike, Adidas, Ivy Park, Fila, Levis, Puma, Stussy, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and other cutting-edge streetwear and youth fashion.


Results from a six month trial of Concept Tag has resulted in an astonishing reduction in profit erosion through theft.


The incredible results achieved through the trial surpassed all expectations and represents one of Australia's largest and fastest store loss-reduction successes in the last decade.


The trial, conducted in two of Glue Store’s most challenging stores, included:


o        28,000 Concept Tags (compatible with their existing EAS detection systems)

o        Customised Tag Guidelines

o        Multiple staff training sessions, ensuring merchandising consistency and best-in-field benefit denial

o        Monthly tag audits with detailed progress reports


Mark Boyd, JD Sports Fashion Australia’s head of profit protection, said " I haven't seen a security tag work this well for over a decade. Concept Tag has significantly reduced profit erosion in our business by displacing criminal activity to easier targets.”


Additionally, the initial investment in Concept Tag was repaid within 96 days yielding a ten times higher ROI than standard old-style tags.


Shoplifters today use a hook or magnet device, legally available online from hundreds of sellers. These tiny items can be concealed in hand, and are used to open old-style tags in seconds, without a sound or disturbance to notify staff that its happening. 


These bootleg detachers are behind the increasing trend of in-store theft, costing retailers billions in stock loss each year.


Peter Hogan, Concept Tag Sales Director, said, “Concept Tag is the world's most secure stock protection tag. Its revolutionary locking mechanism can’t be opened with magnets or hooks, and can withstand 50kg of force pressure, five times more than standard old-style tags.”


“This trial with Glue Stores demonstrates Concept Tag delivers significant results, preventing shrink and increasing bottom line profits. It’s a game-changer for retailers who adopt the technology, driving shoplifters to easier targets.”


Mark Boyd was the first to bring Concept Tag into Australia, and his results at JD Sports Fashion Australia are the best in the industry. Recently confirmed by winning the prestigious award of Loss Prevention Director of the Year 2018, and his team also won Loss Prevention Team of the Year. For an interview with Mark, please contact Celina Farrell, Jacloc Marketing Manager, on 0417 130 194.




Concept Tag is Swiss-designed and developed in 2016 following five years of dedicated research and development in Europe. Each patented Auto Electronic Detacher is hand-assembled in Europe, has a traceable serial number and is exclusively available to retailers using Concept Tags.


Concept Tag has won multiple Loss Prevention and Design awards and sold more than 20 million units across 20 countries.


Concept Tag is distributed exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by Jacloc Pty Ltd, an Australian technology company that partners with retailers, B2B companies and government organisations to supply innovative loss prevention and security solutions.


For more information about Concept Tag, please contact Peter Hogan, Sales Director, Concept Tag on 0414 587 505 or



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