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A recent BusVic Yougov Galaxy Poll revealed that Victorians believe Melbourne is growing too fast.

When asked whether they thought Melbourne’s population growth was too high or about right, 63% thought is was too high.

This compares with 29% who thought it was about right.

“Clearly Victorians believe that too many people are flooding into Melbourne and this is affecting it’s livability” Dr Lowe said.

While approximately 80% of all transport journeys are by car, 11% are on public transport.  Of public transport journeys, bus is approx 22% of journeys and tram and train account for 78% of journeys.

Despite this when compared to the state government’s recent $50 billion suburban train loop proposal 25% of Victorians would like to be able to catch a bus every 15 mins by 2021. 63% currently support the train proposal.

“Clearly this result shows that the Victorians would like to see increased funding for more regular buses as part of the solution for public transport’ Dr Lowe said.

“Currently the present discussion is all about trains and while they should receive the majority of the public transport dollar, there needs to be a greater discussion about increasing the frequency and span of bus services, particularly in the outer suburbs of Melbourne” Dr Lowe said.

State Labor is clearly benefitting from the Federal Liberal Leadership change. According to this BusVic YouGov Galaxy poll. If a state election were held today Labor’s two party preferred vote would be 53%. Compared to 47% for the Coalition.

This is a two point increase from the last Herald-Sun Yougov Galaxy Poll which had State Labor on 51%.

Dr Lowe noted that the result in the recent poll for Victorian State Labor  was on 53% two party preferred compared to Newspoll putting Federal Labor on 56% two party preferred vote.

“It will be interesting to see if this gap between State Labor and Federal Labor’s voting intention continues” Dr Lowe said.

The poll was conducted of 1008 Victorians between September 11-13 and made up of both online and automated telephone response.

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