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New Foundation Will Introduce A Solution For The Future Of Fair And Secure Data Collaboration For Our World

SINGAPORE, Sept. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

-- The EQITII Foundation and its platform, the EQITII Marketplace, were introduced today in Singapore. EQITII sets new standards in data ownership, and is founded on three pillars: Privacy, Security, and Compensation.

EQITII Chief Executive Officer Mike Mulica and Chairman Tom Wheeler announced today the introduction of the EQITII Foundation and the EQITII Marketplace. Both Mr. Mulica and Mr. Wheeler presented insights into EQITII at a press briefing at the Mandarin Oriental Singapore.

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The EQITII Marketplace has been designed to revolutionize data ownership. The EQITII Foundation will support the EQITII Marketplace, an independent, distributed and open marketplace for data rights. EQITII will introduce a new solution free for the world, built to address the critical challenge facing our world: too much data, in too many pieces, too small and too fragmented to technically, legally or ethically manage. The EQITII Marketplace will deliver a new global model of data collaboration across all data types. Supported by an independent foundation, it will function as a globally distributed marketplace, secured through a distributed ledger and facilitated through smart contracts and secure peer-to-peer transport channels. The result will be a free, democratized platform that will offer empowerment to data owners to monetize their data while making more data available to more organizations, liberating information once held under lock and key and accelerating data collaboration globally.

EQITII Chairman Tom Wheeler said today: "The goal was to establish a new paradigm where the capital asset of the 21st century, data, can be effectively and permanently managed by enterprises and consumer markets."

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