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Australian IOT Startup Leash It develops next generation technology to track your assets.

Australian IOT Startup Leash It develops next generation technology to track your assets.

Tracking mobile assets in real time eliminates underutilisation, theft and improves productivity and OH&S compliance in your business.

Businesses in today’s corporate landscape need to be able to track and locate valuable mobile assets at a moment notice. Leash It's new LeashView Real Time Location Solution (RTLS) allows you to do just that. There has never been more demand for transparency. Accurate location data helps management and administrators not only track assets but also manage compliance and reduce theft.

Leash It’s new unique Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) asset tracking solution extends tracking well beyond the capabilities of RFID or GPS. LeashView is able to track multi-floor complexes without an issue. Their software and devices work seamlessly to track, manage and maximise the utilisation of high value assets, making on and off-site paperless asset auditing a reality across multiple locations for administrators.

Regardless of what you would like to track, Leash It’s RTLS will provide your business with the insights you require. The team has taken great care in designing their solution to fit each client’s specific needs. Whether it’s mobile medical devices in hospitals, shipping containers in ports, car fleets in car yards or manpower around your worksite. The solution can be scaled from 10 units - 50,000 units and is extremely robust and easily deployed across multiple locations, even large outdoor lots.

The LeashView solution is so user friendly and easy to integrate, administrators can deploy it without any difficulty. They offer a complete end user kit, which will have your business tracking its assets in hours.

As their RTLS uses a low powered BLE frequency, it does not disturb or interfere with other frequencies, making it ideal for sensitive facilities such as hospitals. Their solution utilises Wi-Fi to Bluetooth routers, BLE Leashes and a cloud based servers. Each BLE Leash contains a unique ID that users can manually associate to a specific asset.

Communication between the Leashes and routers can be customised and set to 1 second, 5 seconds and even daily calls. With accuracy being as close as 3-4 metres.

LeashView collects all the location data and provides the user with an easy to use interface and analytical data. Knowing the location of all your valuable assets and how they are being used 24/7 on your floor plan enables you to make more informed decisions. In many organisations, the underutilisation of assets can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in lost productivity.

More informed buying decisions enable businesses to stay efficient and agile, leading to better purchasing decisions and improved profitability.

Leash It's software allows rules and notification triggers via SMS or email to be applied to alert management if a device has not been returned after a certain period, is being underutilised or can even notify security if it is heading out the door.

“Leash It’s BLE Asset Tracking solution LeashView offers businesses exceptional flexibility and value for money, making it one of the most cost effective solutions on the market" said founder Tony Lotzof. “The data and accuracy we can deliver is invaluable to businesses looking to be one step ahead. In today’s challenging and competitive markets it’s integral to make sure that all decisions are based on data to provide the best possible chance of success."

For further info contact Leash It on +613 90010606 or email