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ACON Releases Trans & Gender Diverse Language Guide On Transgender Day Of Remembrance

MEDIA RELEASE                        20 NOVEMBER 2017          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE





On Transgender Day of Remembrance (Monday 20 November), ACON – NSW’s leading HIV prevention, HIV support and LGBTI health organisation – has released an inclusive language guide to support trans and gender diverse (TGD) people within our communities.


The downloadable, simple and easy-to-share guide explains key terms and offers examples of preferred language that can help us build safer, more inclusive environments for TGD communities in Australia.


The resource has been developed by trans staff members at ACON and is being made available on Transgender Awareness Week, which culminates on Transgender Day of Remembrance.


ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill said the resource aims to provide support to TGD communities, as well as increase knowledge and understanding of service providers and employers.


“Trans and gender diverse communities are disproportionately affected by prejudice-motivated discrimination and violence,” Mr Parkhill said.


“We also know that the health and wellbeing outcomes of people with trans and gender experiences are directly related to transphobic stigma, prejudice, discrimination and abuse, including when incorrect language is used, often unknowingly.


“This new guide, developed by ACON’s trans staff members, aims to support communities, service providers and employers build their understanding of TGD communities and strengthen inclusive language.


“We know that many organisations in Australia want to get inclusion right for their trans and gender diverse staff, clients and service participants and this guide will support them in this important effort.”


Transgender Awareness Week builds visibility and awareness of TGD communities and takes place the week leading up to Transgender Day of Remembrance, which falls on 20 November each year. This day is set aside to remember and honour all trans and gender diverse people whose lives have been taken by transphobic violence. 


In an effort to address transphobia, this guide offers support in using respectful and inclusive language in relation to all trans and gender diverse people, including our friends, family members, colleagues and clients.


The language guide can be downloaded here.


ACON has developed an online resource hub, Diversity Days, to promote key days of significance related to LGBTIQ communities.  A Transgender Day of Remembrance downloadable resource kit to help promote and raise awareness of the day, and many others, can be found at


To learn more about Transgender Day of Remembrance, visit



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