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Danielle Cormack and Les Hill to star in upcoming Australian/French cannibal series

Greenlight for BLACKPILLS Australian/French cannibal series PATRICIA MOORE

Sydney based COBBSTAR PRODUCTIONS and Parisian company BLACK SHEEP FILMS go into production Monday the 18th of September on their edgy, coming of age horror series titled PATRICIA MOORE.

Coproduced by BLACKPILLS and supported by Screen Australia's Multi-Platform fund, PATRICIA MOORE will be distributed globally by BLACKPILLS on their ground breaking smart phone app which will be available to Australian audiences early 2018.

PATRICIA MOORE has attracted the stunning lead cast of Danielle Cormack (Wentworth, Underbelly, Rake) Les Hill (Underbelly, Rescue Special Op’s, Wonderland), Marlo Kelly (Home and Away), Jack Ruwald (The School ) and Joe Klocek (Nowhere Boys, Neighbors). Also featuring is Jeanette Cronin (Janet King, Crownies). The series is written and directed by Blake Fraser, produced by Chris Thompson with Brian Cobb and Mathieu Van de Velde the executive producers.

The story centers around 16-year-old Patricia (Kelly) whose Mum (Cormack), Uncle (Hill) and brother (Ruwald) have been on the run from a cult of cannibals responsible for their insatiable addiction. We meet the Moore's 8 years since they escaped the cult as they travel the Aussie outback in a custom-made bus that houses a freezer where the family keep their meat fresh. Always trying to avoid unnecessary human contact, the bus breaks down and the Moore's are forced to anchor down in a nearby town where they get hungry and need to eat.

Writer/director Blake Fraser said “It's a story about family blood. How family is a ruling factor in an individual’s life. It's a coming of age horror that looks at the politics of a family living in a vice-like situation; a family who are wholesome on the outside but are rotten underneath by an insatiable hunger for human meat.

Patricia begins to uncover secrets about her own family that shakes up her relationship and causes her to break away from their rules of survival, challenging the theme that no matter how we might feel about the actions of family, we are tied to them for life”.

Australian Executive producer Brian Cobb commented 'I met Blake at film school and knew he was one of the better directors. I put a call out for genre scripts in 2013 and this one blew my mind. It's gone through many stages of development and now works wonderfully as a 10 episodes x 10 mins digital series. We were selected to pitch at Mip TV in April this year and from there BLACKPILLS decided to coproduce and here we are 2 days out from principal photography. It's been an amazing adventure that is really heating up!'

French Executive Producer Mathieu Van de Velde added PATRICIA MOORE is an extraordinary story led by a fantastic new generation of talents that completely validates Black Sheep’s innovative strategy. I absolutely believe in the tremendous added-value of pooling Australian and European skills and PATRICIA MOORE is the perfect illustration of premium original content created locally with a global audience in mind, paving the way for many more Australian and international projects together.

Producer Chris Thompson said “Developing a feature length story episodically was a really interesting process. How to convey story and build tension while placing cliffhangers was a challenge but we are really happy with the final script. The 10x10 format is exciting because it forces cliffhangers every 10 minutes making the viewer want to watch more.”

Danielle Cormack playing Marnie said “For me there is an incredible appeal about a family being on the road dealing with the everyday complexities of their relationships coupled with the fact that they are cannibals. That dichotomy makes for rich drama. I'm also attracted to the new platforms we have to deliver content. The world of PATRICIA MOORE and all the burgeoning creative team involved makes for a dynamic show that can be delivered in an accessible form worldwide - what's not to be excited about?!

Les Hill playing Uncle Richie added “The reason I took the role of Uncle Richie in is that the tale is incredibly dark and is a great exploration of how much bad people will do to stay alive. This new format is the future of content and it’s exciting to be part of the vanguard of distribution.”

Jack Ruwald playing Charlie said “I love horror stories but seeing fake dead bodies will give me a chill. The actors playing my Mum, Uncle and Sister have been amazing to work with and I can’t wait to make the bus our home. I’m really excited about the next 5 weeks of shooting and can’t wait to watch the final series”.

Patricia Moore will finish filming in late October with the exclusive release slated on Blackpills’ app for March 2018.

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