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Most significant event on Buddhist Calendar celebrated across Australia

Most significant event on Buddhist calendar celebrated across Australia

Experience authentic and multicultural celebrations at Buddha’s Birthday Festival

A spectacle of multi-cultural activities will be taking place across Australia during April and May, as the annual Buddha’s Birthday Festival celebrates the most significant event in the worldwide Buddhist calendar.

Taking place across major cities, this vibrant and free to attend public festival will feature traditional performances and ceremonies, including Lion dances, blessings, exhibitions, market stands, multicultural vegetarian food fairs, tea ceremonies, Buddhist seminars and meditation sessions.

The Festival will be visiting Wollongong (14-16 April), Brisbane (28-30 April), Sydney (6-7 May) and Melbourne (13-14 May).

Organised and sponsored by Buddhist organisations - Nan Tien Temple, Buddha’s Light International Organisation, Sydney (BLIA) and Nan Tien Institute, the Festival provides Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike with the opportunity to experience Buddhist culture and gain new experiences.

The Festival has continued to grow in popularity since their launch in 1995, and now attract around 25,000 visitors each year. These high numbers are a reflection of the growth of Buddhism across the regions and make the popularity of Buddha’s Birthday celebrations across Australasia of global significance.

Chief Abbess of Fo Guang Shan Australia and Nan Tien Temple, Venerable Man Ko explains, “Buddhist teachings bring happiness and peace to this world. The Buddhist Birthday reminds us of the compassion of the Buddha and the bathing of the Buddha symbolises the cleansing of greed, anger and delusions. The activities encompass the multicultural facets of diversity in culture, music, dance and food from around the world. The Official Ceremony on Saturday at 3pm will include an Interfaith Prayer for World Peace participated by many interfaith leaders from our community.”

A diverse range of exciting performances, events and fun activities have been scheduled, and various ceremonies and making of offerings are open for participation by Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike to receive blessings of peace and wisdom.

“Whether you are a Buddhist who wants to come and celebrate and share the joy of Buddha’s Birthday; someone who is interested in experiencing and learning more about Buddhism; or just want a great family day out that educates about a different culture, these celebrations will be a wonderful and enriching experience for you,” Abbess said.


Contact Venerable Miao You, Nan Tien Temple for more information or to arrange an interview. Email or phone on 02 4272 0614 or 0414 720 671.

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14-16 April 2017 (Fri-Sun)

Nan Tien Temple, Wollongong, NSW

28-30 April 2017 (Fri-Sun)

Southbank Garden, Brisbane, QLD

6-7 May 2017 (Sat-Sun)

Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW

13-14 May 2017 (Sat-Sun)

Federation Square, Melbourne, VIC