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Get your news to the media in seconds with our Press Release Distribution service. Our all-in-one online platform, connects your PR with Australian journalists, editors, producers, news outlets and media influencers.

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Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution

Need to send your press release to the media? Our pitching portal provides you with access to over 1,400 ready-to-use media lists as well as web and social publishing options. Medianet’s 6-step platform is designed to guide you through the process of sending a press release and to ensure every campaign opportunity is maximised.

  • Pre-built media lists for thorough targeting
  • Send via email or post on newswires around the world
  • Publish to websites and social media to reach journalists and news consumers directly
  • No lock-in commitment, just pay-as-you-go and for what you need

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Discover how many people viewed or shared your press release to ensure your campaign is on track.

  • Follow up with the media outlets who have opened your release
  • Gain advanced insights with multimedia news release reports showing downloads, views and which assets were valuable
  • Get feedback from our editors on what worked well in your press release and areas to improve for future pitches

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International Distribution

International Distribution

Medianet’s international press release distribution propels your message globally. As the exclusive Australian partner of Cision’s PR Newswire, our local Medianet team can coordinate international insights, tips and access for you.

  • Distribute your content to hundreds of destinations in 105 countries
  • Leverage the relationship Medianet holds with news organisations around the world
  • Have your content translated by experts to over 40 different languages
  • Target to specialised, pre-prepared international media lists
  • Receive a summary report on where your release is displayed on various websites and publications around the world   

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