Media Planning

Our media planning tools help you to do exactly that by ensuring you know what is happening in the news cycle. No more event clashes or guessing where you may fall in the day’s news priorities. Stay ahead and plan for media coverage success with our tools below.

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Media Movements

Media Movements

Monitor the industry with Medianet’s bi-weekly Media Movements newsletters. Keep up-to-date with notable media changes, check the media’s agenda and discover a new media profile each week in the ‘Journalist Spotlight’. Media Movements will help you to plan and execute your media strategy around the week’s news agenda. Complementary to all Medianet clients:

  • Receive bi-weekly newsletters filled with the latest media movements straight to your inbox   
  • View a snapshot of the Media Agenda where you’ll find all of the week’s notable event coverage to tailor your own strategy against
  • Discover weekly updates and additions to the Medianet Contacts Database (all 58,000 contacts!)
  • Our Medianet Editor provides all the week’s most important highlights direct from the planning team

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Daily and Forward Media Events Calendar

Knowing what media events are happening and promoting your own around that are critical to your success. As a client of Medianet, you can access the most relevant and comprehensive editorial calendar in Australia that newsrooms rely upon for planning news and event coverage.

  • Plan ahead and adjust your plans as you uncover what journalists are covering on the date of your event
  • Add your event to attract leading journalists and media influencers to attend
  • Review what others in your industry are planning
  • No charge to post your event when you create a free Medianet account

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events calendar
Your Event in the spotlight

List Your Event

Medianet’s unique relationship with newsrooms allows for your media event to be listed in the diaries and planning tools of journalists across Australia.

Increase your chances of coverage by adding your event to Medianet’s editorial calendar.

  • Posting your event or PR campaign will help newsrooms to plan what they will be covering in the coming days, weeks and months ahead
  • Get in the line-up as a potential source in advance for major or breaking news stories
  • Using the calendar helps you avoid ‘busy’ dates and weeks of the year where you may be competing for the same journalists’ attention. If your event is clashing with a major event with more news attention, you can change the date or re-assess your strategy.

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