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Media Website Posting - Editorial Policy


This policy applies to the use of Medianet’s Media Website Posting service, which syndicates press release content onto third-party news websites. By selecting this service, you agree to adhere to the following editorial policy.

The Medianet team, on behalf of its third-party partners operating news websites, reserves the right to take appropriate action should content violate this policy.

Failure to comply with the policy may result in your release being removed from the Medianet website and the websites of our third-party partners. Subsequent violations may result in account suspension. Medianet will take best endeavours to notify you regarding the removal of your release.

If you have questions regarding Medianet Editorial policy, please contact us before submitting your release.

  1. Content must be factually accurate and not misleading and you must take reasonable efforts to ensure that material facts are accurate and presented in context. Media professionals should perform due diligence on the accuracy of their content.

  2. Content should have a legitimate news angle. Press releases must contain a clear, timely and newsworthy angle and be free of advertising and spam. (If the primary purpose of the content is to sell without any other newsworthy element, it is not a press release.)

  3. Content must have a legitimate source (the company or organisation that is issuing the release). The press release must be clear about how the company or organisation relates to the news announcement.

  4. Content may campaign or take a stance on an issue provided it is made clear who the stance belongs to and where necessary provide credible sources.

  5. Content must be in an acceptable press release format, including:
    1. Clear newsworthy headline and newsworthy content
    2. Include valid contact information where possible (Contact name, phone number, and email address).
    3. Ideally between 300 and 800 words in length. Press releases that are overly short or long are not optimal for indexing in search engines.
    4. Free of spelling and grammatical errors, and written in English.
    5. Source of images should be made clear.
    6. Written in an objective tone.
    7. Releases should not be written partially or entirely in all capital letters.
    8. All embedded links are fully functional.
    9. Advertisements: If your press release is primarily aimed at selling a product or service, then it is an advertisement and not a press release. A good press release informs the media and the general public about a newsworthy topic.

  6. All content contained within the press release including copy and images must be cleared for usage and should not include any material that breaches the copyright of a third party.

  7. All material and links with the press release must be free of viruses or malware.

  8. Press releases must contain legally accurate information in relation to any past court matters, past legal proceedings or past criminal investigations.

  9. Press releases that pertain to current court matters, current legal proceedings or current criminal investigations are not permitted as they risk interfering with the course of justice.

  10. Press releases must not contain references to explicitly sexual material, illegal material or offensive language, including images and links.

  11. Press releases must not be defamatory through the inclusion of content intended to harm or maliciously affect an individual, group or organisation. 

  12. Publication of sensitive personal information, such as taxation details, criminal records is not permitted.

  13. Content must not bring the reputation of Medianet or our third-party partners into disrepute.

  14. Press releases and content must comply with any applicable industry codes of practice.


Medianet partners with media organisations who are bound by Australian media industry standards (including standards of practice from The Australian Press Council and ACMA) and reserve the right to request the removal of a press release that does not meet these standards.

Medianet and its third-party news website partners have the final say in determining what content is appropriate for distribution on our platform and those third-party websites. Medianet reserves the right to unpublish a press release if justifiably requested by a third-party website partner. Medianet will take best endeavours to notify you regarding the removal of your release.

This policy is supplementary to Medianet’s web Term and Conditions. In the case of any inconsistency between this Policy and the Web Terms and Conditions, the web Terms and Conditions will take precedence. 

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