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No Ripples - New Mermaid Fitness Academy in Sydney on a mission to make "mermaiding" safe and fun in 2016.

No Ripples - new Mermaid Fitness Academy in Sydney on a mission to make "mermaiding" safe and fun in 2016.

As popularity of “mermaiding” in Australia grows and many children will receive mermaid tails this Christmas, they should take a proper class to learn how to swim with a mermaid tail safely. No Ripples, the first Mermaid Fitness Academy in Australia, is aiming to do just that.

Michaela Werner (36), qualified AustSwim Instructor, mother of 3 (3,1,1) and co-founder of No Ripples urges parents to take risks associated with “mermaiding” seriously.

“Even though there were no reported mermaid tail drownings in Australia, if children are too young, not competent swimmers and without adult supervision, things can get out of hand very quickly. That's why taking a lesson in “mermaiding” is so important.“

“Mermaiding” is a water activity where a person swims through the water like a fish, wearing a monofin and a mermaid tail. Consumer Protection WA retails and services acting manager Paul Maher recently issued a warning that children swimming with mermaid tails should be at least six, be a good swimmer, have adult supervision and perhaps take a lesson first on how to use a tail.

“We couldn't agree more,”says Michaela. “The children in our classes must be at least 7 years old and swim independently at least 25m before we let them put on a mermaid tail. The first thing they learn is how to do sculling – a basic swimming technique to maintain their head above the water surface. The adults' swimming ability is also tested before they participate in our Mermaid fitness Class.”


When it comes to water and kids, most people are worried about safety. And they have a good reason for it. The kids love playing in and near water. Little girls would love to swim like mermaids. We are there to show them how to do it safely.”

Mrs Werner took up "mermaiding" 3 years ago. She wanted to get fit and build a strong core after the birth of her first child, Kristina. Before that she was a competitive freediver, avid ocean swimmer, swimming instructor, pool lifeguard and a Surf Life Saver. “Mermaiding is a wonderful, fun activity for kids as well as for adults. Most people think that you have to swim deep or hold your breath for a long time but that's not true. I almost always swim on the surface as I love doing interval training and I love swimming on my back. Combined with out of water exercises, breathing exercises, core strengthening and stretching, it really is an amazing exercise that shapes the whole body and frees the mind. I often get compliments on my figure, and that's after having three children, only 2 years apart!”


The business idea for No Ripples was conceived a year ago when Michaela saw a group of girls at the local swimming pool wearing mermaid tails in the water. They giggled and splashed with excitement but they didn't know how to use it in the water. There and then she had a brilliant flash of inspiration - to teach the girls not only how to look like a mermaid but how to swim like one as well!

Our business is about making girls and women look and feel fabulous, furthermore it's about teaching them new skills in safe & fun environment.”, Michaela says.

Originally we thought that “mermaiding” was interesting only for the kids but after we did our promotional work in Sydney's Bronte Beach three weeks ago, we realised that adults were also interested!” Michaela already ran a trial adult fitness class for her friends, ranging in age from 35-60, which was a huge success!

No Ripples starts running Mermaid Experience classes for the kids and Mermaid Fitness Classes for adults in January 2016 at the Ian Thorpe Pool in Sydney and at the Continental Pool in Wollongong.

Mermaiding” is an increasingly popular activity in North America, Germany and South East Asia. In Australia we want it to become a new fitness movement as it could help adults to shape their bodies and children get active and build their water confidence while having a blast, Michaela said.


No Ripples Pty Ltd was been established in October 2015 by Michaela Werner and her husband, Dr. Jochen Werner. They both live in Bowral, NSW with their three children – Kristina (3), Thomas (1) & Lukas (1).

Michaela is a qualified AustSwim Instructor since 2007, Member of the Surf Life Saving community since 2000, competitive swimmer for 12 yrs (Slovakia), competitive freediver since 2010 – she has been trained by the World Champion Freediver Erez Beatus, she's also an ocean lover and a supporter of Marine Conservation Society.




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