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Jamie McIntyre On ASIC: Australian National Review's Controversial Article

The Australian National Review has released a potentially controversial article “CEO of 21st Century Group Jamie McIntyre exposes ASIC for attempting to cause $5.5 million in investor losses”, bringing some cause for concern, as the article may upset people inside ASIC and those looking to invest in property options.

The 20 minute video interview examines the high points and low points of Jamie McIntyre as he responds to ASIC and calls for a royal commission into the government body, in the pursuit of insights provided by Mr. McIntyre on how ASIC is doing the opposite of what its job is for property investors. In increasingly typical manner though, a certain element of the article is set to spark discontent amongst ASIC and property investors as McIntyre believes ASIC is doing nothing to protect them and some of it’s actions could even be considered anti investor.

Below is a portion of the piece, which neatly exemplifies the controversial element:

ASIC and Fairfax Media have recently created a scandal alleging that ‘property options’ despite being a perfectly legal and legitimate tool for investors to secure land, wishes to deem it as a ‘financial product’. In what can be described as a political witch-hunt, they have targeted companies associated with CEO of 21st Century Education and Property Group of Companies, Jamie McIntyre.

Australian National Review spokesperson Kritika Seksaria says “Of course the Australian National Review never sets out to intentionally upset anybody. The aim of our articles is first and foremost to give a fair analysis of the subject to our readers so they can make their own minds up. It is critical, however, that we stay dedicated to our true voice. Exposing deceptive or fake propaganda in mainstream news and exposing government corruption or collusion with the main stream media.

Although our article “CEO of 21st Century Group Jamie McIntyre exposes ASIC for attempting to cause $5.5 million in investor losses” might unsettle people working at ASIC and some property investors the government organisation appear to indirectly have in their sights, our duty is to our readers. We believe it’s more important to lay down the facts, than to please everyone. Which is notoriously difficult to do.”

Although there has been no backlash as of yet, the possibility exists as the article shines the spotlight on ASIC and exposes the incompetencies and questionable practices of the organisation. It also draws attention on the Fairfax involvement and considering McIntyre’s Sell My Crib portal is set to directly challange Farifax’s Domain, it appears a separate campaign by mainstream media is in force to discredit McIntyre and remove him from competing on their turf.

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