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KESAB working with APY Land Communities

Media Release Friday 31st October 2014

KESAB working with APY Land Communities

Litter Reduction and Clean Up Education

KESAB environmental solutions has received funding from the Australian Packaging Covenant and Zero Waste SA to coordinate litter clean-up and education initiatives working with remote APY Land communities.

The project aims to implement a mix of education, infrastructure, signage and clean up action to reduce litter and increase recycling outcomes in targeted communities located in the Lands.

Focus will also be to engage students and the community through creation and design of artwork which will be used to develop information and education resources in Anangu language.

The project will include litter audits across communities, clean-ups and development of ongoing litter management and recycling systems supported by improved bin infrastructure in partnerships with RASAC, community stores, schools and the communities.

Ben Bateman, APC Project Manager said “We are pleased to be supporting this program as it is part of our commitment to the best practice model of education, infrastructure and enforcement to bring about long-term changed littering behaviour”.

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