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Our 'Butt It' message is getting through...

Media Release                   Monday 27 October 2014

Our 'Butt It' message is getting through…

National Butt Free Day this Tuesday 

Cigarette butts continue to be Australia’s most littered item, but the level of infestation is dropping over recent years.

Butts are consistently recorded by ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’ litter research* as being around 43% of the total number of items littered nationally every year.

Regrettably, the only states not registering a drop are Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The battle to stop the butts is ongoing. Butt Free Australia have been working towards the goal of eliminating butt litter for 20 years and two keys facts continue to pop up above all others:

§  Many smokers do not consciously realise they're flicking their butt onto the ground.

§  The incidence of butt littering is directly related to the level of publicity around the subject. Stop spreading the word... and the amount of butt litter trends up again.

The more we can publicise the message to dispose of a cigarette butt properly, the fewer butts there will be.  

On National Butt Free Day this Tuesday we highlight the environmental threat posed by around  20 Million butts being littered EVERY DAY around Australia.

“It's hard to believe that something so small can have such a big impact. We are all well aware of the health issues surrounding smoking, but less well informed about the environmental, social and economic impacts of butt littering. This may be only one day, but it is part of our year round stewardship to protect the Australian natural and built environment,” said campaign spokesman John Phillips OAM.

The negative impacts of Butt littering include waterways pollution via storm water drains, degradation of wildlife health and habitat, the costs in cleaning them up, and other negative social, environment and economic impacts. Any way you look at it, Butts are bad news.

*The Keep Australia Beautiful National Litter Index is Australia’s only national, annual, quantitative measure of what litter occurs where and in what volume. Over 950 sites are visited twice per year to create an annual report on litter in each State & Territory that can be compared against the national average.

Campaign spokesman, John Phillips OAM, 0413 877 875

Media Assistance, contact Mike O’Reilly, 0414 882 505