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"Soaring to the Sky" exhibition in Sydney

“Soaring to the Sky” exhibition in Sydney
Liang Xiao Ping, a pioneer in Australia of Chinese calligraphy, has recently displayed her second exhibition at the concourse, Chatswood Civic Pavilion in Sydney.
This followed the launch of her exhibition on September 22 at the Great Hall of Parliament House in Canberra which shared her tremendous skills with Australians as part of a celebration of identity and cultural diversity for Australian Citizenship Day 2014.
Her calligraphy exhibition “Soaring to the Sky” is the culmination of years of work trying to infuse Chinese calligraphy with the spirit, boldness and spaciousness of the Australian continent and landscape, and the way of her people. 
Speaking at the exhibition’s opening ceremony, Liang said she felt very privileged to be the first Chinese Australian to exhibit her works at Parliament House and then in Sydney as the second stop of her exhibition tour.
“I am honoured and proud to have this wonderful opportunity to share my art when we celebrate becoming a true part of Australia’s multicultural society and the 50th anniversary of my creative journey. 
“Art has no boundaries. I hope my art will enable our society and the world to become more beautiful,” she said.
The Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney, Li Huaxin, commended Liang’s passion in art and her contribution to cultural ties between China and Australia.
“I believe this exhibition will play an active role in promoting Chinese fine traditional art, facilitating communication and co-operation between Chinese and Australian calligraphers.... as well as accelerating Chinese and Australian cultural exchange,” he told the participants.
Migrating to Australia from China in 1987, Liang Xiao Ping brought the art of traditional Chinese calligraphy and poetry with her, finding inspiration and developing her art in a tangent influenced by the Australian culture and environment.
In "Soaring to the Sky", Liang aims to inspire those who became Australian by choice; to embrace the influences and opportunities to transform themselves, and make contributions to the community.
Country Garden Australia Chief Executive, Johnson Zhang, said that Country Garden was proud to be supporting such a talented artist as Liang in Australia. 
Zhang said, “Liang has made a contribution to Australia’s society through her art and her achievements have been recognised. This event coincides with Country Garden’s mission to create a better society with our existence.”