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Brisbane 'Battle of the Bands' Winners MISTRAM Donate 100% of Their Music Downloads to Charity.

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For immediate release September 15, 2014

Brisbane ‘Battle of the Bands’ winners MISTRAM donate 100% of their music downloads to charity.

When Tim & Mars (Formerly The Storytellers), two struggling musicians, won ‘Battle of the Bands’ (Queensland) two weeks ago, the first part of their dreams became a reality. Now the duo has decided to take that dream one step further by pledging 100% of their download sales to charity under the new name MISTRAM.

Armed with their dream to one-day ‘help the world with music’, this little Brisbane band has taken it upon them to make a difference the only way they know how. The revolutionary new concept MISTRAM is both a catchy band name and very clever concept that is destined to ‘shake-up’ both the music industry and the way charities raise funds.

Selecting a different charity to work with each month, a song is created, published and distributed with 100% of the sales from each track (less I-tunes fees) being donated to the charity during an initial charity drive.

Tim Pitchford, the groups lead vocalist explained, “Giving our download revenue away is just the start; we’re donating our time to perform at charity functions, doing as much publicity as we can to help raise awareness for the charities and also providing an emotional outlet through music for many of the people that have suffered the effects of things like cancer, homelessness and suicide.”

Currently in discussions with some of Australia’s largest charities, the group’s manager is particular about which charities the duo aligns with. Interested charities and organisations should forward expressions of interest to the relevant contact details. With the goal to partner with a different charity each month and release a new track to match, the duo certainly has their work cut out for them.

Mars, the band’s writer and guitarist said, “We want to give charities a voice, and we believe music is a compelling way to do this. Every charity has it’s own very special story to tell and it’s an honour to be able to tell that story through music while at the same time contributing to their cause. Our last album ‘The Storytellers’ tells stories about our own lives but as an artist it is a unique opportunity to be able to learn and write about how someone else feels for a change.”

When the two long-term friends decided to join forces a year ago as ‘The Storytellers’ they didn’t realise they’d be winning awards and challenging the status quo in music and charity. But it’s not going to be easy. Tim, a window blind salesman and Mars, a rental car supervisor still need to hold down their day jobs to feed their own families while they spend every other woken hour as MISTRAM helping charity.

Tim said, “We called ourselves The Storytellers originally because we wanted to tell stories, but with our new vision we needed a new name that was as unique as the concept, so MISTRAM was born. We understand that most artists never make it to the big time and we’re comfortable with that because we’re doing this to combine two things that we are very passionate about. We’re totally comfortable giving away our download sales just like digging a well in Africa or building a hospital in Vietnam, this is our way of doing the right thing and keeping it real.”

The new name is an anagram derived from the words Tim and Mars and is a symbol of the duo’s passion to keep their music and direction an ongoing mystery for fans.

Mars said, “We want to bring ‘entertainment’ and ‘magic’ back to the music industry and the charity concept is our first way of doing that. We needed a vehicle that would allow us to do amazing things, not for the money but for the love of music. Working with charities gives us the ability to work with other artists that are just as passionate as we are about a particular cause and it gives the community an excuse to get excited about something positive. We want the decision to help charity to be a ‘no-brainer’ for our followers; they pay for the music as normal, be it a live gig or a download and the charity gets a donation. Our reward is the music and the ability to reach more and more people early on in our career.”

The boys are looking for radio stations to pitch in and get the tracks some airplay each month in an effort to help boost sales and charity revenue. Popular live music venues are also wanted to help them promote their music downloads via concerts. The first charity and single will be announced officially in line with their coming performance at the Airlie Beach Music Festival November 7th, 8th and 9th where they’ll play alongside some of music’s greats including Mark Seymour from Hunters and Collectors, James Blundell and The Screaming Jets.

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MISTRAM members Tim & Mars are available for interviews: | 0404 900 922

About MISTRAM the band:
Established in 2013 originally as The Storytellers they released their debut album in July 2014. On August 30th 2014 they won the Queensland ‘Battle of the Bands’. On September 14th 2014 the changed their name to MISTRAM and in November 2014 they will play live at the Airlie Beach Music Festival. Visit the band’s website at