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Progress Towards a HIV Vaccine

22 July, 2014


Progress is being made towards an effective HIV therapeutic vaccine, researchers supporting French company Biosantech SA have told the 2014 International AIDS conference in Melbourne.

Finding a therapeutic vaccine for HIV would dramatically improve the lives of people living with HIV, by reducing the cost and difficulty of treatment.

Biosantech SA is cooperating with the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research, France) and the University of Aix-Marseille on the development of a therapeutic vaccine.

Biosantech SA’s Tat Oyi vaccine is currently in phase IIa of clinical trials in France, and patients have been responding positively to the treatment. Positive results include:

·         -Patients have been maintaining a stable viremia (the presence of a virus in the blood) for at least two months without taking antiretroviral treatments.

·         -no toxicity and no side effects so far.

·         -immunity is restored and the virus remains undetectable when patients have stopped their antiretroviral treatment.

·         -the vaccine has acted on five different strains of the virus.

The project is being supported by two world-renowned researchers, Professor Jean Claude Chermann, who managed the Institut Pasteur (France) team that helped isolate the HIV virus in 1983, and Professor Mark Wainberg (Canada) who first identified 3TC as an anti-viral drug.

The project is also linked with the research of Professor Donatien Mavoungou, (Gabon, and invited member at McGill University, Canada. Professor Mavoungou is researching Immnunorex, a new drug, as cell-cell inhibitor, which has the potential to treat and prevent co-infections, cardiovascular diseases, dementia and malignancies induced and enhanced by HIV, and prevent HIV mutations which lead to drug resistances and vaccine failure. This product would be jointly administered with the Tat Oyi vaccine.