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Media Alert: LNP solar panel plan a winner

Monday, October 19, 2020

Queensland renewable energy experts welcome the Queensland LNP’s plan to open a solar panel recycling facility in South-East Queensland, create jobs and investment in new clean industries, and stop tens of thousands of tonnes of solar panels from going into landfill.

Jason Sharam, CEO of Linked Group, a Mackay-based company manufacturing and constructing renewable energy systems across Queensland, says:

“It is good to see the LNP exploring opportunities in renewable energy, and to showcase the power of renewable energy in Queensland,” Mr Sharman said.

“Renewables create jobs, and deliver cheaper power which would help protect jobs for those working within energy-intensive industries, such as recycling plants.

“Climate change is taking a devastating toll on Queensland. Harnessing renewable energy is essential if we are to protect Queensland’s way of life and the beautiful, natural places we cherish.”

Luciano Giangiordano, CEO of EnerTECH PV Australia, a Sunshine Coast-based company working on both commercial and large-scale solar developments in Queensland, says:

“I think it's a great initiative. There are some really excellent uses for recycled solar panels; being made of predominantly silicon, they are inert and benign to the environment in most cases, and can be recycled inexpensively and turned into excellent road-base material,” Mr Giangiordano says.

“The aluminum frames can be 100 percent recycled and turned into new panels or new aluminium products, and the junction boxes on the back of the panel contain copper and other precious metals, which have other uses.

“Economically, recycling could be a self-sustaining industry in Queensland, and Australia needs a place where solar panels can be recycled.”

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