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'Patients may die' from My Health Record

Doctors warn patients may die as a result of the Morrison government rushing to introduce their national My Health Record (MHR) program on 1st february 2019 before doctors have accurate and complete computerised medical records .
"I have worked as a GP and an accreditor for General Practice for 20 years and have reviewed thousands of medical records and  an average of  20% of records include  inaccurate or out of date diagnosis and medication lists..Medical record inaccuracies when used by a  doctor, who dosnt know the patient, or one of the 300000 health workers who will have access to everyones My Health Record from 1st february will result in some patients receiving inappropriate treatment and some patients may even die from the inappropriate treatment"said Dr Robert Marr spokesman for Doctors Reform Society
"Medical confidentiality will also be destroyed by the Morrison governments plan to rush the introduction of MHR on feb 1st because over 300000 health workers including everyone from podiatrists to chiropracters will be able to access anyones medical records if they feel they have a legitimate reason to look at their records." said Dr. Con Costa, Vice President of Doctors Reform Society
The Doctors Reform Society calls on the federal government to adopt the recommendations of the Senate enquiry that recommended a 12 month delay in the implementation of MHR to enable more accurate records to be prepared and the privacy commission to review privacy concerns including giving every person  a personal access code to decide who has access to their medical records."said Dr Con Costa. 
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